Tips for Installing Internet Filters

All parents want to keep their children safe while their kids are using the Internet. But this can seem like an overwhelming job since there are so many different sites available on the Internet that can be harmful to children. One of the many ways to protect children from the dangers of the World Wide Web is by using an Internet filter.

There are many different options when it comes to Internet filters. There are free filters available for parents to download right off the Internet. There are also many filters that parents can buy at local electronic stores or purchase online. Whichever type of Internet filter a parent chooses to use to protect their kids, it will be helpful to know a few things about them before they get started.


There are a variety of Internet filters available, and if a parent is not very computer savvy they should make sure that the software that they are going to be installing does not require many alterations to fit their specific situation after installation. There are many websites that have information and reviews for a lot of the most popular Internet filters out there. Parents should read these reviews before purchasing or downloading these filters to make sure that they will work for their family.

How many computers

After parents have narrowed down their options for available Internet filtering software, they should think about the number of computers that will need the filtering software. Is there only one home computer or two? Do parents want to put the filtering software on their children’s personal computers? There are some Internet filter software programs that allow consumers to purchase them on a subscription-based service and may even offer discounts for additional subscriptions. This will most likely make it less expensive overall to put the filtering software on more than one computer.


In many types of Internet filtering software there are a variety of features that can be utilized or the parent (administrator) can decide not to use them. Some filters offer a function that allows for a warning to come up about material that may be questionable instead of blocking the page completely. This feature allows for the person using the computer to continue without an interruption or a restriction. It is helpful to know how to turn this feature on and off when the computer use alternates from an adult to a child.

Another feature that parents need to be aware of is that they could have the ability with certain filters to override the website that is blocked by using a password. This is another feature that is helpful when the filter blocks a site that adults may need to use.

Some filtering software offer the option to just blank out words instead of blocking the user from the entire website or features such as sending email updates about sites visited or instant messaging conversations had. Parents need to be aware of the options available to them on certain software and decide which they would like to use.

Read and follow directions during installation

Most Internet filtering software installation is easy to follow, but parents need to read the instructions and follow the directions precisely. Sometimes minor glitches can appear in certain programs during setup. These can easily be fixed if caught right away. But if they are overlooked then the filter may not work the way it is supposed to. The filter system needs to be installed correctly to run properly and protect children.

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