Importing Your Blog To Your Facebook Page: Simple How To’s

There are 101 ways to update people on the events in your life and post information online; some work better than others for various audiences. For example, your friends may like seeing your updates on your Facebook page, while your grandparents may prefer to just visit your blog. Problems typically arise because, with so many ways to keep people up to dated on your life through photos and posts online, it can become very time consuming. You could end up spending several hours updating all of your various profiles and blogs. In order to make your life easier, and still reach your various audiences, the following is a tutorial on how to link your blog into your Facebook page.

If you link your blog to your Facebook page, each time you update your blog, the update is immediately sent to your Facebook page as well. The great thing about this is that almost any blog application will work.

The following steps will help you link your blog to your Facebook page:

1) Login to your Facebook account and go to your profile page.
2) Look for the “Notes” section. Note: If you have used this section before it will be near the top of your page on the right. If you haven’t, then click on the little plus sign at the top of your profile page, and select the “Notes” category. If you have trouble finding this section there, go to the bottom left hand side of your home page to the applications menu and find “Notes” there.

Note:You should be looking at a screen that shows you past notes you have posted, or notes that others have posted.
3) Look at the right side of the page at the “Notes Settings” box.
4) From here, click on “Import a blog”. When you do this a pop up window will appear. Read it and follow the prompts.
5) Enter the URL for your blog.
6) Agree to the terms and conditions.
7) Click to agree that you have the right to import the blog.
8) Continue following the prompts.
9) Once you have clicked to import your blog the screen will offer you a preview of the import. Once you have read through it to understand how often the blog is imported, and what is shared, click “Confirm Import.”

You can only import one blog at a time, but you can cancel the blog from being imported if you would rather import another one. So, if you find another blog is more applicable for your Facebook audience, replace the one you have posted with the applicable one.

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