How to Speed Up Your PC Without Spending Money

A slow PC is a common problem for many computers and each day that passes, the problem only gets worse. Fortunately, you can do something about your slow running PC to make it a bit faster. Here are some simple tips to follow that will help you speed up your PC.

First, instead of having separate accounts for every user on the computer, maintain one account. It’s much easier to do and it takes up less memory. It’s a lot easier to control one account.

Second, organize your computer. Many times a computer runs slowly because you have too much junk on it. Over time a computer will start to build up excess temporary files and other junk and it runs slowly. To keep your computer running fast, delete your temporary Internet files two times a month. You also need to delete the old programs you are not using to help the computer run faster. Once you go through some of the basic cleaning procedures, you need to clean out your trash can to properly remove them all from the system.

Third, get rid of the start up programs. The reason why it may take your computer a long time to get running is because you have too many programs on your start up menu. Getting rid of some of the start up programs will definitely make the productivity of the computer increase. In order to clean up some of the start up programs head to the quick search box and type in “msconfig”. Then you need to click on the startup tab and remove all of the programs you do not want to start.

Fourth, perform a disk clean up on a regular basis. The purpose of a disk clean up is to get rid of all the temporary files along with all the clutter on your computer. A disk clean up is easy to do and it will take about five minutes to do. While you are doing a disk clean up, you should do a registry clean as well. A registry clean will get rid of all the clutter on your system. Your system’s registry is known as the control center for your computer. When the registry is cleaned up, you can get rid of all the corrupted entries along with any invalid keys.

Fifth, a great way to speed up your PC is to get an external hard drive. If you use the computer for a lot of work-related purposes, you can store all of the large files on the external hard drive to keep the computer running quickly. Besides an external hard drive, you should also install more memory in the computer and move all of your large programs to the new hard drive. This will free up more space for the computer, which works well if you use 3-4 different programs on a continual basis.

Sixth, start storing some of your large files online. Instead of saving all of your pictures on your computer, upload them to a web site like It’s an easy way to catalog all of your images so you don’t lose them and the best part is you can access them from anywhere. You don’t just have to be using the same computer to view the pictures, which is great if you are on 3-4 different computers a day. There are many other sites that charge a small fee when you want to upload pictures and other files to their site. If you don’t like the idea of online storage, consider getting a large USB mass storage device. This way you will keep all of your pictures protected and you don’t have to worry about saving them to your computer, causing it to run slowly.

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