The $10 External Memory Solution

If you have important files on your computer, now is the time to start protecting them. A USB hard drive is one of the easiest ways to protect your files to make sure they will be around for awhile. For each member in your family, purchase a separate USB device. Now instead of saving files on your computer, have each family member save their files to their own separate USB device. Pictures, music files, word documents, and many other files can easily transfer to a USB device and you can access them from any computer as long as you have the USB device with you.

Since more and more people use USB devices, companies have started to lower their prices. You can get a 4GB USB device for $9.99. USB devices also come in the form of key chains along with necklaces. It’s a simple way to keep it with you wherever you go, making it easy to have your files protected and close by.

What would happen if your computer suddenly crashed? Would you lose all of your precious data or did you take a moment to back it up with a USB device? Even if you don’t use a USB device, you should at least backup your files with a CD. Spending $10 on a USB device is not a large investment to keep all of your files safe and protected. Unfortunately many people do not take this warning seriously and they end up losing all of their information, resulting in a terrible loss for their business or their personal records.

Teenagers and even younger children are treating computers like their own personal jukeboxes. Since CDs are slowly becoming a thing of the past, it’s easy to see that more and more people are paying to download their music files. But what happens if you pay all this money to download the files and you never backup those files? With most computers, the files will become corrupted and you will lose them forever. Your only option at this point is to download the files again. Plus, the more music you download, the more memory it will take up on your computer, causing it to run slowly. Using an external USB device to store your music files is one of the easiest ways to protect your files to make sure you will always have them no matter what may happen.

If you have some serious downloader’s in your family, it’s a wise decision to purchase an external USB hard drive. The new versions are much smaller than they used to be and most of them can hold up to 1TB of memory. This is great if you have kids that store all of their music on your computer. The great part about most external hard drives is that you can sync them to multiple computers. Of course you will need to hook into a USB port, but you can get longer cords in order to stretch it into a different room. The USB devices can be as small as your finger or they can be about the size of a paperback novel. The old boxy devices are definitely a thing of the past so you don’t have to worry about devoting a lot of space to it in your home.

USB storage devices do not require any type of formal installation. This means you won’t need a CD and you don’t need to download software. All you need to do is plug in the device, wait for your computer to recognize it, and you are good to go. When you use an external storage device, it’s much easier for your computer to run faster because you are removing some of the large files that tend to take up all the room. It’s a cheap way to speed up the performance of your computer and back up your files in the meantime.

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