• milly

    Unfortunately, I’ve been trying to get face to remove fake, especially VULGAR, names and they don’t respond or seem to care.

    Facebook is flat out not safe for anyone. Especially now that they’ve gone public. Money, advertising, money… that’s the one and only goal.

    Facebook is a new kind of evil.

  • adonis adoh manono lusanda

    i have been trying so hard to change my facebook

  • sunny peters

    pls i want to change my facebook name

  • Lizz

    Hello, I have changed my name 5 times but really need to change my name just one more time but it says I changed it the maximum number of times… what now?

    Im not allowed to have my last name on there so now I need to change it!!!!!! Please helppppppppp!

    • SERINA

      just deactivate yiur account if they ask for teh reason choose the someone hacked you fb ,then they will give you option to change stuff,then youlljusthave to edit the informatin which includes tehname

  • Chizakira Mitsuki Nadeshiko-san

    Gemma, I advising that is good is to complaining to Facebook and telling them you need to changing your name. I’m not very sure it is will work but it is good to try for the first timing.
    Sorry if you dont understanding my bad Englishing. – you see, I am froms Kyoto, Japan.
    Chizakira Ayaka Aiko Ami Sakura-Su Mitsuki Tori Rima Mashiro Tsukyomi-Nadeshiko-san.
    Kaname Miki Andieu Naido Akito Hotori Takagi Miho Daichi Tadase Tsukyomi-Nadeshiko-san.
    Ami-Rima Tori Midori Tsukyomi-Nadeshiko-san.
    or a.k.a the Tsukyomi-Nadeshiko family. ;]

  • Gemma

    i have missed out a letter in my last name and it will not let me change it any suggestions on how i might be able to??? PLEASE