Can Tweets Be Sent to Facebook?

Are you involved in the social media world of Facebook and Twitter? Both websites garner a lot of attention from their website followers because of the connection between the two sites. You can easily send your Tweets from Twitter so you don’t have to type in two single entries. This is nice for businesses and individuals that like to post specials and time-sensitive information as they don’t need to go back and forth between the two sites. To send your tweets to Facebook, here are the easy steps you need to follow:

1. Sign into your Twitter account and click on the Settings icon.
2. Click on Profile from the Settings icon
3. You want to scroll until you find the blue link that reads “You can also add Twitter to your website here.”
4. All you need to do is select the Facebook icon and then follow the steps to install Twitter into Facebook.

The install process will go like this:
1. You will click on the Facebook application and a screen will pop up where you need to allow Twitter to access your Facebook site.
2. All you need to do is insert your username and password to link the two sites together and click on “Log In” and you will be signed into both accounts.
3. Now you will have a screen that says “what are you doing” and you are officially signed into both accounts so you can post tweets from Twitter to Facebook.

It sounds simple enough right? Well it is, but here is the one thing you have to remember with Twitter and Facebook, Twitter is a micro-blogging site and Facebook is a social-networking site. Posting numerous tweets every few minutes can get really obnoxious to your Facebook pals and they may end up hiding your posts or deleting you from their friends list. Tweeting on Facebook from Twitter makes sense for businesses and bloggers, but for personal reasons it’s not always beneficial unless you only post one or two Tweets a day. The tweets you send to Facebook need to include valuable information in order to remain in good standing with all of your Facebook buddies.

The great thing about Twitter and Facebook is the ability to access them from your mobile device. Millions of social media users will send their status updates or tweets from their mobile device and many of them never even get on the actual websites from their computers. Twitter and Facebook see the value in one another and they have included several apps you can use to merge the two sites together. This will save you time and it makes your entire social media experience more enjoyable and easier.

Be careful about abusing your use on the websites. People like to see your funny updates if they are your friends but they probably don’t care about some of your heated political views that you blog about or “insiders tips” to some investing advice. Make sure you are targeting the right audience with your Tweets and status updates or consider singing up for a separate account to keep your personal life and business life separate.

The other thing to consider with your Tweets and status updates is the language and verbiage you are using. If you want people to click on the link within your status update or tweet, you need to give them a good reason to. Compelling writing and choosing your words carefully will allow you to gain the greatest amount of visibility for your posts.

If your Twitter updates or Facebook updates are set to private or “protected” you will not be able to post your Tweets to Facebook.

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