How to Remove the Content Advisor Password

Did you enable the IE content advisor as a way to keep your family safe and protected? While the IE content advisor will help prevent vulgar websites from appearing on your system, it may also block some of your regular websites. This can block you from getting the information you need for research papers, work, school, and many other things. If you have tried lowering the IE content advisor settings and you are still being blocked out of websites, you can always remove the content advisor password.

In order to remove the content advisor password, you need to know what it is to start with. If you don’t know it, you will need to go the long way to get rid of the content advisor password feature and restore your computer to its original operating state.

First, open up your internet explorer and click on “Internet Settings” underneath the “tools” drop-down menu. Now you will need to go to the tab labeled “content” in order to disable the content advisor.

Second, once you are in the “Content” tab you want to click on “disable” to remove the content advisor. You will be prompted to type in the password and then click on “ok” when you are done. Now you should be able to return to your un-restricted web browsing and get onto the websites you want to.

What happens if you cannot remember the password? How can you remove the content advisor password in this situation? This way is a little tricky, but it can be done. Follow these steps:
1. Click on your start menu and select Run
2. Type in the phrase “RegEdit” and click OK
3. Next to the left of H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE there is a small plus sign you need to click on
4. Click on the plus sign next to every folder until you are able to find the one that has the folder “Ratings” inside it
5. Click on the icon labeled “Key” and delete it
6. Choose “Registry” and then exit the RegEdit program

This will delete out your Content Advisor password upon a restart of your computer. Now you still need to go though the prior process to disable Content Advisor, you just don’t have to worry about including a password this time. Leave the password field blank and click on OK and you will be directed to the next page where you can shut off the Content Advisor.

Before you turn off the Content Advisor, you really need to think about if it is a good idea or not. Perhaps for your personal browsing pleasure it makes sense to get rid of the obnoxious thing but do you still have children living at home? Even if your kids are older, do you really want them sitting in front of the computer all day watching violent or pornographic movies? Keeping the Content Advisor turned on will protect the other people in your home and you will just need to learn to live with typing in a password.

If you are determined to shut off the Content Advisor, you still need to make sure you have taken the necessary steps to protect your system. Did you increase your internet securities protection level? Did you turn on the pop-up blocker? Do you have good anti-virus software that scans your computer daily? Does this anti-virus program also protect you from adware, malware, and spyware? There are so many threats out there that it just makes sense to keep yourself safe and protected by choosing a good anti-virus program and to keep your internet security settings high to block out unsafe pages.

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