The Need for IE Content Advisor

Have you heard of the IE content advisor? You may be wondering why you even need the IE content advisor if you already have high internet security settings. Well, the IE Content Advisor does much more then the security settings, it blocks any website that have any type of vulgarity. You are in charge of choosing the settings so you can decide if some of the sites out there are ok or not.

If you are a parent, you need to enable the IE Content advisor. No matter how much you trust your children, it’s always nice to place that extra level of security on your internet so they don’t have the temptation to go to bad websites.

How does the IE Content Advisor work?
The IE Content advisor works when you enable it with a secure password. You will go through some different sections and decide on what level of protection you would like to see on your computer. This way you can include some nudity (for artistic reasons like paintings, etc) and restrict other things that seem completely inappropriate for your family members like strong violence and bullying.

When you go thorough the process to enable the Content advisor, you will need to pick a secure password and a hint question. Think about your password carefully so that your kids and other people will be unable to “crack the code”. When they try to access a website that fails the IE content advisor criteria, a warning sign will come up and it will ask them to type in the correct password to proceed with the website. If you accidentally give out the password, change it as soon as possible. This way you can be sure that you are the only one with the password and you will know that your computer is free of rubbish that is found online.

How do I enable the IE Content Advisor?
In order to start protecting your loved ones, you need to go through the simple process of enabling IE Content Advisor. First you need to open a new browsing session in IE. Once you have it opened up, you will need to click on your “Internet Options” located underneath the “Tools” dropdown menu.

Second, click on the “Content” tab inside your “Internet Options” menu. This will bring you to your Content Advisor section. Click on “enable” in order to start picking and choosing which things you want to restrict from your system and which things can stay.

Third, after you have gone through each of the different sections and set the security levels for each one you will again click “enable”. This will pull up another screen that prompts you to create a password and a security question. You need to be pretty creative to come up with a password that will confuse everyone that tries to hack into some of the sites. Change your password periodically if you think one of your children has figured it out.

Fourth, once the password is set your computer will now be protected from unhealthy internet content. It’s also important to make sure your security settings are also enabled as well instead of assuming the IE Content Advisor will be able to take care of everything for you. Go back to your Internet Settings menu and turn on your pop-up blocker. You can also enhance your security at the same time to make sure you are safe. Changing your security settings may block a lot of websites from pulling up because they usually need to install cookies on your system in order to display properly.

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