Using Your Facebook Wall

Your Facebook wall allows you to catch up on the latest news, photos, videos, and information from your friends and groups you are involved with. There are several parts to your Facebook wall, but it usually boils down to your profile wall and then your “main wall”. The main wall is where you are going to see all the information about your friends’ status updates, news information, horoscope messages, and new picture uploads, etc. Here are some tips to help you use your Facebook wall:

If you just want to see what other people are saying on your wall or on your comments, click on the “notifications” icon at the top of your page. The notifications icon looks like a small globe. Each time you log into Facebook you should see the globe highlighted with a red box and a number in it to indicate if someone has commented on a post you have written on. This is the easiest way to find out if you need to respond to people or not.

Wall to Wall
A great way to chat with your friends is with the wall-to-wall feature. Using this you can see all the messages you have both posted on each other’s walls. It’s a simple way to leave them a comment on their wall then going to the top search bar and typing in their name to leave a comment.

News Feed
When you log into Facebook, you will automatically be directed to the news feed. This is where all of the “happenings” are going on with your friend, family members, fan pages, etc. To find out what is going on you can click on “Most recent” or “Top News”. This will allow you to filter out things to see what is important to you. If you feel that your news feed is getting cluttered with too many status updates and other messages, you can choose to hide the updates from certain people. Simple drag your mouse over their message and click on the “hide” option when it appears. You can choose to ignore the person or you can choose to ignore the program they are participating in like Farmville, Mafia, daily horoscopes, etc. Your news feed is the best place to keep up with the real-time posts from all the Facebook accounts you are following.

If you are addicted to some of the Facebook games like Bejeweled Blitz, you can access it from the main page by heading over to your applications section on the left-hand side of your profile. Click on “games” to start playing Bejeweled Blitz or other Facebook games of your choice. This section also has a tab for “groups”, “marketplace”, and “compare people”. Each tab allows you to do different things in Facebook to make your entire experience more rewarding.

What if you don’t care about all the excess stuff on Facebook and you just want to see what new photos and status updates your friends have posted? Scroll up from the Applications section and click on the tab that says “friends”. You can click on “recently updated” or “status updates to find out what all of your pals are up to. Then if you would like to see if anyone has uploaded new pictures just click on the “Photos” tab right above the “friends” tab.

Do you have any upcoming events to attend? Facebook will remind you if you are involved in something like a wedding or party. As long as there is page for it and you have joined the group, Facebook will place a message on your screen on the right side or you can find out by clicking on the “events” tab on the left side of the home page.

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