Keeping Track of Your Facebook News Feed

Facebook is a great social networking site that allows millions of people all over the world to connect in real time and to interact with each other in great new ways. It has opened many doors for people to create new relationships and to renew old ones while maintaining current friendships. The site offers many different ways to connect with other people and the Facebook News Feed is a great way to see it all in one place. Here is some info on keeping track of the Facebook News Feed and how you can use it on the site.

Facebook is all about updates and telling people what you are doing and then the comments about those actions that happen on the site. When you first log in to Facebook, the main or home page that you will see is called the News Feed. It is basically the place where all of the status updates and comments that your friends make on the Walls is displayed for you and all their friends to see and continue the process. There are two main ways to view the News Feed on Facebook: Tops News and Recent News. Now, these many not seem all that different to most people, but they change the way that the information is displayed on the home page. The Top News feature basically orders the information as it appears on the site by the time the last comment was made on the post or when someone ‘liked’ the post. The Tops News is also calculated based on how many likes or comments it currently has and the most popular or interactive posts will be the highest on the home page. The Most Recent option for displaying the home page info gives the posts and comments in the order that they occur on the site. Many people think that this is the most relevant view of the site and is the easiest way to keep track of what is going on at all times on Facebook.

Keeping in touch with people can actually be quite a challenge especially when you start adding a lot of friends on Facebook and if these people are particularly active on the site. The Most Recent option is the best way to keep up to date with what everyone is doing in your Facebook News Feed and can always be updated to show what is going on at that particular moment. Keeping track of your News Feed is really quite easy to do when you view it from the Most Recent page, because it is very likely that you will remember the last things that you read on the home page. Some people spend a lot of time and effort on Facebook keeping tabs on what other people are doing on the site and in their lives. When you want to keep updated on what your friends are doing on Facebook, the best way to stay up to date is to check the site often. The more often you are on the site, the less likely it is that you will miss something that has happened with any of your friends. The logic of staying up to date says that the more friends you have on Facebook, the more you will have in your News Feed on the site and just more information and commentary to go through. But staying up to date on what your friends and family are doing can be a really fun activity and give you lots of satisfaction. So stay up to date on what the most important people in your life are doing through the News Feed on Facebook.

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