Simple Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Facebook Wall

Have you recently joined Facebook? Are you a little confused as to how the site works and what your Facebook wall is? This article will provide you with a guide to the number one social networking site along with all the ins and outs of your Facebook wall.

Sign into your Facebook account and you will be taken to your main page which is the “news feed” page. On this page you will see all of your friend’s recent activity like playing games, sending messages, posting pictures, etc. The news feed probably looks a little messy so to clean it up a bit, go though all the messages that you don’t want to see like your friends daily horoscope message, etc. To get rid of these messages, take your mouse and bring it up to that particular message the work “hide” will appear on the right side when you do this. Click on the word and then you can choose to hide all the posts from that person or just from the app they are using like Farmville. The next thing to do is click on “most recent” if you want to see what people are posting right now. You can take the news feed one step further by heading over to the left side and clicking on the “friends” tab. Once you are here you can click on “recently updated” or “status updates” to find out what your friends are doing and to get rid of all the extra messages that get annoying.

Now what about your online privacy? Have you set your wall privacy tab yet so only your friends can read your posts? Head over to your account area by scrolling over to the upper right corner. From the drop-down menu select “privacy settings” and then click on “Profile information”. Go through each section individually to decide if you would like everyone to view your profile or if you want to keep it to just your friends and yourself. At the bottom click on “Save Settings” to have your new changes go into effect immediately. This is one of the best ways to stay safe online and to make sure only your friends can find out where you work and live.

Watch what you are posting on Facebook. Since this is a social media site, do you really think your friends are going to be interested in some of your work projects? Some of them might, but the majority probably won’t. They will also get annoyed with you if you are the type of person to spend every waking minute on Facebook and you are constantly posting new status messages and things that clutter their page. Look for a balance and instead of constantly changing your status, look for other people’s status messages to comment on or walls to post on.

Are you involved in any groups or discussion boards? The “messages” tab on the left side will update you on any changes to the group site so you can hurry over and check it out. This also allows you to see if any of your friends have sent you an email or other reminders.

To find out if you have any events coming up, click on the “events” tab on the left side. This will show all of the events you are planning to attend like weddings, parties, etc. You can also locate the events information on the right side of your Facebook home page.

As you play around with Facebook more you will quickly catch on and pretty soon you will become a Facebook master along with the other 69 million Facebook members.

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