Using Facebook to Communicate with Your Kids

As your children start get older, they’ll be involved in a number of different activities. Being active on social networking sites such as Facebook, is one of the most popular activities among kids today. While Facebook is relatively safe, it’s still important to sit down with your kids and talk about some of the online dangers that are out there that they need to be aware of. When kids start to show interest in social media sites, sit down and communicate with your kids letting them know what is appropriate online behavior and what is not.

Facebook is a great way to communicate with your kids as you can leave comments on their page and send them messages. However, if you start sending too many messages and leaving embarrassing comments, your children may become frustrated with you which could lead to communication problems in your relationship. Here are some tips that will help you use Facebook to communicate with your kids:

  • Send them funny jokes via email or post them on their page.
  • Don’t leaving comments on their page daily. Give them their space and give them a chance to be a kid without you constantly looking over their shoulder.
  • Participate in some of the trivia games that are commonly found on Facebook like “What movie character are you?” It’s a fun way to communicate with your kids without making them feel like you are worried about them or that you need to check up on them a lot.
  • Talk to your child in person, not just on Facebook. Let your children know that you are always open and available to talk to them. Focus on listening to your children and only offer advice when they ask for it. Sometimes kids just need to vent and they just need you to listen to them. Don’t criticize or judge what your child is saying when they’re venting. Avoid yelling at your children and belittling them as this is hurtful; it may also cause them to close up and avoid talking to you which makes it difficult for you to know what’s going on in your child’s life.
  • Share funny stories with your children and talk about your day. When you share stories and events from your life with your kids, it helps break the ice if talking to your child is a struggle. This is a great way to open a conversation and then find out how your child’s day went.
  • Eat dinner together without cell phones, television and other distractions as this is one of the best times to talk to your children as you have their attention. Another great time to talk to your children is at bedtime. Close the door so your child has privacy when you are talking to them that way they don’t feel like the entire family can hear the conversation. Having a heart-to-heart talk with your child nightly, even if they don’t talk, helps to convey how much you love and care for them. End the conversation with a hug or kiss and express your love for them. Children need to know they are loved as this helps boost their self-esteem and they tend to open up and talk more.

Adjusting to your children growing up can be difficult for parents. You need to be the firm foundation your children need to stay grounded. They need your support in everything they do including their online activities.

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