Top Ten Kids’ iPad Apps

The new iPad by Apple is a great new product for kids. Here are some iPad apps that rank high for kids:

  1. Magnetic draw for iPad: This is a magnetic drawing board that works much the same way as the magnetic drawing boards you can pick up at Wal-mart. This application has a pen and stamps to help your drawing, and a large eraser bar to remove the drawing and start fresh. And, a fun thing that it does is allows you to send your drawings to someone else. It also has a zoom feature to let you add details to your drawing.
  2. Dress Eggy: This is a great application that gives you an egg head and lets you add eyes, hair, brows, and other features to dress them. Kids have a blast with this feature because it gives them a chance to express their creativity and make little eggs!
  3. Memory: This is an application that is basically the electronic version of the classic kid favorite, Memory! You can get different versions, with their favorite characters from television and movies. It has a feature to allow them to play against someone else, or play the device, this way they can always play, even if they do not have someone to play against.
  4. BuuBuu Zoo Jumble: Buubuu Zoo Jumble is a multilingual animal flash cards game and a puzzle. It is a great application for fun and teaching kids language. It comes with 7 animals and 8 languages. The eight languages included are: English, Catalan, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and you can also record your own language if it is not there already. It has great graphics, and is fun to use.
  5. Marvel: This is an application for iPad that offers the Marvel comic books, full graphics, and reading right on your iPad. It is fun for kids, and comic lovers alike.
  6. Animal hide and seek adventure: This is a fun application that offers three scenarios, finding animals in the jungle, circus, or ocean. It has illustrations, music, and offers some great art quality. It is great for younger kids, but even kids over 4 can find enjoyment in searching for animals in these festive scenes.
  7. The Miss Spider app: This is an application that offers a lot of different features. It has matching games, coloring pages, paint. It has vivid color, and great illustrations to color on the big iPad.
  8. Truck Modz: This is a great application for boys, as it allows them to create their own truck. It offers a drop down garage, and gives your boy a great deal of choices for creating a fun looking car. You can add extra features like a snow plow, front bucket, tow hitch, etc. Once the truck is done, you can use your finger to start driving it through an endless ever-changing landscape. This site offers sound effects, animation, and lots of fun for your kid.
  9. Nklein’s Spell It: This is a great application that helps kids to learn new words, practice spelling, and even learn words in different languages, such as English, Spanish, and French. The application should have German and Japanese coming soon. It is a fun way to learn how to spell words, and it adapts to your child’s needs, providing them with more words of the type that they struggle with most.
  10. Real Racing HD: This is an application that gives kids the chance to get behind the wheel, and race through different landscapes. It has multi-touch technology, and gives you five different race modes from rookie to world champ.

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  • AppsForKid

    This is a really great list. Another app that I found was Emergency Signs & Words. This app was originally made for kids with autism, but it is really great for all children who should learn about emergency words and objects. This is especially great if you are making a trip to a hospital.

  • Wayne Allen Bateman

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  • Wayne Allen Bateman

    Counting Beads is a totally fun way for children to learn numbers and letters of the alphabet. The numbers (or letters) appear as colored beads that you connect by dragging each bead into its next higher numbered bead. As you connect the beads in numbered order, you create a chain that follows the lead bead as you drag. This teaches the numbers visually. You can also move the bead chain by holding the device face-up parallel to the floor and tilting it slightly to let gravity roll the leading bead downhill. Even older folks can have fun with this amusing simple game.

    A brief demo video of this app is available on UTube:

  • ipad apps for kids

    Nice list! Looking for apps for our Summer trip and found the article. We have a couple more that really give the kids some joy… Slideamajig and Angry Birds.

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