Top Ten iPad Apps for Parents

The iPad is a great device for parents, not just for their own use, but also for the use of their children. It can give them something to do, help with various around the house tasks, etc. The following are the top ten iPad apps for parents:

  1. Kindle for iPad: The Kindle application, or electronic book reader is a wonderful application for parents. It offers you access to hundreds of books, and allows you to read them with page turning technology. It is a free application, and you can buy books off Amazon.
  2. Scribble: This is a great application that works well for both kids and adults. It lets kids and parents draw on the screen with your fingers. You shake to erase it, and enjoy it. This is a great way to keep kids occupied when you need a few moments, and can be a fun way to pass the time while you wait in line, etc.
  3. Bubbles: This is a fun game that allows you to make and play with bubbles. It is a fun game for parents to make time fly by, and it is easy enough that kids can play it as well. It will distract toddlers, and free up parents hands for a few minutes.
  4. Super Monkey Ball: this application will offer you tons of DS style games that will give you the chance to play games when you are bored. You can play a million different games. It gives you choices for kids and adults. Many adults find this application to be hours of fun, and a good way to keep kids occupied when they need a minute or two.
  5. Jott: This is a fantastic application that allows you to Record and send yourself transcribed messages via email. This means any time you need to remember something, you just jott it down. Man adults suffer from brain lapse that comes from having too much on your plate. This is the ultimate way to avoid those typical “mommy” moments.
  6. Flashmath: This is not exactly the adult application of choice, but most parents know this is a handy tool, as it offers quick math problem tutoring. If your child needs help on a math problem, and heavens knows parents don’t always know how to do their kid’s math, this is a quick and easy fix for kindergarten to 5th grade.
  7. Things: this application, originally made for the iPhone offers the ability to organize all of your to-do lists, and projects, notes, and other things. It is a perfect way to keep your life under control when the rigors of parenting make it difficult.
  8. Food Additives: This is a fantastic application that offers you information about over 450 food additives that could be unsafe for your kid’s health. It offers you the ability to see what is bad for your kid, before you feed it to them.
  9. Epicurious: This is an awesome tool for the busy mom who wants to provide quality meals for their kids. It offers easy to search recipes, that tell you what you need to buy, and help you follow the recipe as you cook.
  10. Labyrinth 2 HD: This is a multi-touch technology application that allows you to play games, handle the ball well, and try intricate and challenging games.

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