What is a Facebook Limited Profile?

Identity theft and online privacy are a growing concern these days and it seems like everyone is seeking different ways to protect their personal information but to still engage in social media and other online connections. From blocked blogger accounts Facebook limited profiles, companies are doing just about everything they can in order to protect their customers privacy. What is a Facebook limited profile exactly? It will protect your privacy by not showing the complete content that is on your page. All you need to do is click on “friends only” on your privacy settings and this will ensure that only the people you accept as friends to your Facebook page will be able to see the information online.

To get started sign into your Facebook account and click on “account” and scroll down the drop-down list to where it says “privacy settings”. Click on this and you will be directed to a privacy page where you are able to make custom settings, which will be able to prevent people from gaining access to your page.  Here are the different settings you can choose from:

  • Everyone
  • Friends of Friends
  • Friends Only
  • Recommended
  • Custom

For the maximum privacy possible you need to select custom and then set everything to “friends only”. This way only people that you accept as friends to your Facebook page will be able to see your pictures and all the information you choose to share online.

Out of all the social media pages, Facebook is trying their best to help you stay safe online and they focus on protecting your identity. To combat online predators and other things, Facebook does recommend you thoroughly investigate group pages and things that you “like” as not all of these sources are credible. Law enforcement works closely with Facebook when they are investigating individuals for criminal offenses. The person will be removed and blocked from Facebook if they are involved in legal cases. This will help to protect other Facebook users from being taken advantage of by this individual.

When it comes to online privacy, you are the person that needs to do all that you can to protect yourself. Limit how much information you are placing on Facebook and don’t share a lot of pictures, especially those that are taken in front of your home as this allows criminals to easily identify where you live. You should also avoid posting pictures of your children as this is another way predators find children to prey on. Instead of listing all of your information, just keep to the basics like the state you live in along with the school where you graduated from if you are trying to get in touch with old classmates. Only have a few pictures and be sure that they are in areas where you do not live like a picture at the Grand Canyon or somewhere else. This will prevent predators from having access to a lot of personal information, making it very difficult to find out where you actually live.

If there is a person that you added as a friend, you can always remove them at any time. If you are worried about this person, you can block them from your Facebook page and add them as “spam”. By doing this you will prevent them from even being able to find your Facebook page online. You can also report this person to Facebook if you know that they are a convicted felon or a person that is of questionable nature. Blocking a person is the only way for you to become completely invisible on Facebook and can help you to protect your online identity.

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