What Are Video Ratings on YouTube?

Remember the first time you watched a video on YouTube? Whether that video came in an email from a friend or you saw a post on facebook, YouTube has certainly changed the world with the online video service it provides. Companies are paying big bucks to individuals that can create great viral videos that will aid in promoting their company. The more hits a video gets, the bigger it’s ratings will be and the more money the creator can make in advertising costs along with becoming an online sensation.

YouTube has redesigned the rating system in hopes to give all the videos a fair chance of being watched. The old rating system was a star system where you could choose to give the video 0 stars or 5 stars. The higher the stars, the easier it was for the video to get more views because it was very popular. A lot of YouTube devotees liked the star system because it would show them which videos they should waste their time on and which ones need to just go away. The new rating system is simply a thumbs up or a thumbs down where you either say you like the video or you don’t like it. This helps YouTube to determine which videos should appear on the homepage that day and so forth and it helps to cut down on the amount of videos that weren’t being watched.

To be able to rate a video on YouTube you need to have an account with the website. It is free to use the website and to create an account and it only takes a couple seconds to do so. You will need to have a valid email address to make the account. If you already have an account with Google, you can use it for a YouTube account, which can save you from needing to remember a new username and password.

Do you want to see what the real ratings of the video are? Next to the “views” there is a small little box you can click on. This will open up all the statistics about the video like which gender it is more popular with, which country it is popular in, etc. Since everyone wants to have higher ratings, you really need to work on making videos that people want to watch. If you can do this you will be able to get higher ratings for your video along with more comments and even more subscribers. As you do this, it also means more money that can go into your wallet as you can collect a pretty good amount of money from advertising dollars.

YouTube has an affiliate marketing program that you sign up for and they will place ads on your videos, that your users can click on or they can also hide them. Advertising in the video has become very popular and since Google is affiliated with YouTube, advertisers that sign up for their affiliate marketing program are also lucky to get their ads placed in the these videos that pertain to their industry.

YouTube does try to make it easy for their guests to enjoy and share the videos with others. You can use the HTML coding to embed the video on your blog or website or you can copy the link as well. YouTube also has a share button you can use to send it to Facebook, Twitter, and many other sites that allow you to share videos. This is one of the great ways that YouTube is able to help people create viral videos and to have their 15 minutes of fame.

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