What Do the YouTube Video Ratings Mean?

Want to become the next online sensation? You need to have the right type of viral video in order to become an online celebrity. YouTube has a rating system that will allow you to build up your online ratings and to gain the right type of online status you are seeking. In the past the YouTube rating system was a star system and you could rank the video 0 to 5 stars. What this did was help viewers to see if a video was worth watching or if it is one that you should pass on.

The star system was great for dedicated users of YouTube and the new system uses a “like” or “dislike” feature, which many people have expressed a lot of frustration over. Why is the like or dislike system so annoying to users? You don’t get a chance to see if a video “might” be worth watching. Instead you can only say you liked or didn’t like it. You can comment, but with so many people commenting on the videos it is likely that no one will even see your comment.

However even though the star method is gone, you can still rate a video. You will need to look for a drop-down menu now in order to see the ratings and to rate the video yourself. The drop-down menu is found next to where it says “views”; you will see a box that says “show video statistics”. This will allow you to see the real ratings of the video but you can still only say thumbs up or thumbs down when it comes to the video rating system.

When it comes to YouTube, everyone wants to have a lot of comments, a lot of views, and the highest rating possible. This will mean that they are very popular and they can start getting subscribers and generating some pretty decent income from the site as well through the advertising program. If you have a great video, it will easily go viral thanks to the share feature that it comes with so anyone can forward it onto their friends on Facebook and other places. The video can easily be posted thanks to the HTML code it has that you can use to post it on your website or blog or wherever you may desire.

The viral effect is one of the best things a business can have happen to it. When you continue to get more views, the higher your online ratings will go and the more notoriety you will start getting. The problem is no one can really ever know what makes a YouTube video great and what makes one terrible. What is it about the videos you have watched that you just love and want to share with your friends? If the video doesn’t get passed around it will just get a little attention here and there and then it will die off quickly.

To make videos that will get higher ratings you need to really understand who your customers are and what they want out of your videos. You need to have a pretty good amount of subscribers in order to make your videos get attention as this is the quickest way to start sharing them. There are links next to the video so you can send it out to all of your contacts along with your Facebook friends and others. The video needs to have some type of meaning and use to your audience or its not going to go anywhere. The video can be humorous, a how-to video, and so on, it should provide a certain type of value to get the ratings.

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