The Pros and Cons of YouTube

There are a lot of people that use YouTube in order to share videos with their friends and family members and many others that use it for shameless self-promotion. YouTube was created in 2005 and it is the number one video-sharing website in the world. It continues to grow in popularity and many companies are paying big bucks for people to create viral videos for their organizations. The more views a video is able to get, the higher the advertising revenue will go and it will mean a lot of money for you but it also brings about a lot of attention as well. Depending upon what the content of the video is, this may be wanted attention or it may be unwanted attention.

YouTube does have it’s fair share of pros and cons so here are some of the ones you need to be aware of:

Pros to YouTube

  • Its free! Anyone can watch the videos and you can create a free account to start uploading your own videos and posting comments on other videos.
  • YouTube gives you access to amazing videos like footage of the actual Apollo 11 lunar landing along with other amazing videos.
  • If you post the right type of video, you can easily become a YouTube sensation and you will be able to gain not only a lot of popularity but advertising money as well with the video.
  • The website is very easy to use and it’s easy to learn how to upload videos as well.

Cons to YouTube

  • The videos you want to find may not always be easy to find if a person doesn’t title them appropriately and if you have to search through a lot of spam videos to find the one you want.
  • The video may be viewed by anyone in the world, which may not be your intent and it can cause you unwanted attention.
  • The amount of information in the video can be dangerous to you as other people can see the video and find out where you live and so on, making your privacy vulnerable.
  • YouTube does compress the files so it may not appear the right way you want it to on the site and it could look choppy.

There are literally millions of users that flock to YouTube each month. About 65,000 new videos are uploaded to the website daily! This means you have a lot of competition to get your video to become an online sensation if that is your main purpose. Companies are always seeking new ways to promote their products and services and they too have turned to creating YouTube videos where they are able to share some how-to information and so on.

Before you start adding your videos to YouTube you really need to investigate the website and determine what your goal is. Do you want these videos to be for friends and family members only or do you want the world to see them? Reaching out to the world is going to require more work on your part as you need to find out what type of videos people want to see. As you start you will be able to attract some attention and get some subscribers and then you can really start building up your YouTube presence.

How-to videos are very popular for a lot of people that are seeking to make a name for themselves in their industry. If you want to become an online sensation, videos of a humorous nature are usually the way to go as they tend to get a lot of hits.

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