Win a TI Nspire CX Graphing Calculator

by Barbara J. Feldman on August 17, 2012

Win this Texas Instruments color graphing calculator!

After reading my post about the TI Nspire CX Graphing Calculator demo at BlogHer ’12, the nice folks at Texas Instruments offered up a calculator to giveaway to a reader in a back-to-school sweepstakes.

Let’s kick off this contest by sharing calculator stories. What calculator did you use in high-school or college? What’s your best calculator memory? I’ll share mine below as a comment. You can post yours directly into the sweepstakes widget below. GOOD LUCK!

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  • Barbara Feldman

    We have a winner. Just waiting to hear from them! Congrats to Brent L!

  • mimy r siregar

    At my time, student never allow to use calculator in high school. That time was around 80’s . I used my first calculator at the 2nd 0r 3rd years in university. That time the famous one was casio. So, i used that one. I never heard or see about this TI Nspire CX Graphing Calculator, so I really have an eager to have that one.



  • Jackie Ramirez

    I would love the TI Nspire CX Graphing Calculator. I could use it but my husband is the engineer and would definite use it more. There are so many deserving people… you choose.

    • Barbara Feldman

      Actually I won’t be choosing. It will be a random drawing done by the sweeps app widget box you see up there ↑↑↑. This sweepstakes is powered by Rafflecopter, and you can increase your chances by entering in multiple ways. Good luck!

  • Claude Azurin

    I needed the TI-nspire cx last year for AP Calculus AB, but I survived without it. Instead, I used a simple $11 Casio calculator throughout the year, and scored a 5 on the exam(I had to borrow a graphing calculator from my teacher for the test). I survived AP Calc without a TI-nspire cx, now imagine what I could do with one.

    • Claude Azurin

      I also plan to major in electrical engineering when I go off to college next year( I’m currently a senior), so the TI will make my life so much easier.

  • Pamela Tan

    I remember being amazed when my father was buying me a TI-35 (I think that was the number) for my high school math and science in 1980 or 1981. I also really enjoyed being able use the square root function. What amazed me the most, though, was when my dad told me that the first “computer”s filled whole rooms at Universities! He said he couldn’t belive how small the calculators had become.

  • Pam Thompson

    I need to provide a calculator for my son who is entering high school.

  • Shanon Saulsbury

    When I went to high school, we were not allowed to use calculators. This was in the 80’s also. I went to an engineering high school so we used our math skills along with tables for Pre-Calculus. I didn’t use a calculator until my 2nd or 3rd year in college. I bought a Casio graphing calculator. I thought this was the best thing I had ever encountered until I started teaching and was introduced to TI products. Then I was in “love” with the TI-83 followed by the TI-84. I have used a TI-Nspire in the past; however, it wasn’t anyhing extensive though. I would really love to own the TI Nspire CX to broaden my skills and to use within my classroom. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Connie

    I was lucky to learn how to use calculators after I graduated from college when I began teaching.

  • Vickie

    I can’t remember the model – it was a TI – but it was mad expensive ( ha ha – $60) and it did square roots! I saved so much time in college with that function. Friends were eager to borrow it during lab time because calculation square roots by hand is very time consuming.

  • Jackie Ramirez

    I use my desktop calculator every day but I would rather have your Texas Instruments Nspire CX Graphing Calculator!

  • Barbara J. Feldman

    I went to college before calculators, but I do remember learning to use my Dad’s slide rule. He was an engineer and gave it to me for college. I wish I still had it! But my coolest calculator memories where when I worked for the computer division of Texas Instruments in the ’80s and we were able to buy cool refurbished TI calculators through the company store for cheap! Don’t have any of those antiques left around here though either.

    • Jackie Ramirez

      Slide rule??? You can NOT be that old! My older brother used one but I never had the opportunity. That’s awesome!