Turn off Java (not Javascript) in Your Browsers

There is a cyber threat roaming the wild RIGHT NOW that takes advantage of a recently discovered flaw in Java to infect computers with malware. [Aug 30, 2012 2pm EST] Unfortunately, a Java update from Oracle is not due until October, so the best thing you can do now is disable Java in your browser.

[Aug 30, 2012 2pm EST] Good news! Oracle has now released a patched version of Java. You can download it from here.

Java is a browser plugin, and is not the same thing as Javascript. Here’s a list of how-to articles from the folks over at Naked Security Sophos:

On a related subject, my favorite go-to site for tips and breaking news about online security is Naked Security from Sophos. If you LIKE their Facebook page, you’ll get important and timely updates right in your Facebook news feed, which I find extremely valuable.

Naked Security from Sophos delivers important security news right to my Facebook news feed.

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