Do You Use a Disposible Email Address?

Alternative email addresses can help you manage spam.

Do you ever use a disposable email address to prevent being bombarded with mailings from a vendor or other website? There are several ways to do this, including a few services that offer temporary emails for just this purpose. If you’d like to consider faking out websites that ask for your email address, here are a few approaches.

1) You could give a fake email address, but this won’t work if you ever need to log back into the site, or if the site sends the info you want via email.

2) You could use a temporary email address from services such as Mailinator or 10 Minute Mail. For a longer list of providers, read this article from These work well when you want to read the first email the site sends, but not any (ever) down the road.

3) You could use an email address that forwards to your primary email, but is filtered out so that it goes directly to spam or is archived.

4) Or you could use a secondary email account that you own, but don’t check regularly.

I like approaches #3 and #4 because you never know when an unimportant vendor could transform into an important one, and/or you need to retrieve a password reset email or an old email newsletter.

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