Amazon Announces Kindle Fire Subscription for Kids

I am over-the-moon excited by Amazon’s new Kindle Fire content subscription service for kids 3 to 8. FreeTime Unlimited offers a nearly unlimited supply of apps, videos and ebooks for a low monthly fee of just $2.99 for Prime members. (You already are a Prime member, right?) The service includes Parental Control over content and the amount of time spent on the device, and can accommodate multiple kids with separate profiles (this requires a family subscription for $6.99 a month.) Content providers include all the big names such as Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS, Sesame Street, and more. This means that your kids can download unlimited apps (as long as it fits the profile you have set up for them) for free during your subscription. As with all subscription services, when you discontinue the service, the content disappears.

Best of all, new Kindle Fires come with a free month trial preloaded. This means that for $159 and $2.99 a month, you can give your kids a safe (no Internet) place to play. If you already have a second-generation Kindle, you can download the FreeTime Unlimited app from the app store. Sorry, first-generation Kindle Fire owners, FreeTime Unlimited does NOT run on the older Fires. :(

I predict that this service will be a huge hit, and will help make the Amazon Kindle Fire the premier tablet for kids and families.

Here are some screenshots:

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