8 Apps to Stop Your Teen from Texting while Driving

texting-drivingWe know it’s dangerous. They probably even know it’s dangerous. But hearing the little ding-ding-ding of a text message or Facebook status update is an irresistible attraction to a teen, even one’s that driving. According to a recent article in Mashable, the “National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) added distracted driving to its 2013 ‘most-wanted list’ in November.”

But the same article also brings us some welcome good news: there’s an app for that! Five, in fact, are introduced in the Mashable article.

1) DriveOFF for Android, created by eSure insurance.
2) DriveMode by AT&T, for Android and Blackberry.
3) TextBuster for Android. This free app requires the installation of some hardware in your car.
4) DriveScribe for iOS and Android.
5) Canary for iOS and Android.

I found a few more:
6) Textecution
7) TxtBlocker
8) and DriveSafe.ly

Not all of these are free, but what’s your teen’s safety worth to you?

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