Help! I’m Blocked from Adding New Facebook Friends!

follow-barbaraFacebook has an algorithm that determines when friend requests look unnatural. If you cross a certain line, Facebook will block you from sending any new friend requests for 30 days. The types of activities that can get you blocked include lots of friend requests that have gone unanswered, or (worse yet) marked as unwelcomed.

There is a lot of chatter on forums that getting a “this answer is helpful” votes on an answer you post in the Facebook Help Community Forum will help you get unlocked. Facebook, however, has repeatedly denied this. Just for the record, you can get to the Community Forum by clicking on the gear icon to go to your settings. Then choose Help, and look for Community Forum.

If you want to get Facebook updates from people you don’t know personally, you can choose to follow them, instead of sending a friend request. As a “follower” you will get all their updates which have been coded as “public.”

By the way, I do not accept friend requests from people I don’t know in real life, and I have pretty stringent definition of “in real life.” But I am aware that I have followers, and try to post a good mix of public updates. You can follow me on Facebook here.

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  • Azaelia Bearson

    Kind of shitty to think the friend request I ignored while trying to verify I knew the person and then forgot about might have gotten the person into trouble…

  • anonymous

    I got my first block today and its only 7 days

  • SherwinJTB

    I stopped trying to add new friends on Facebook, but I was tempted to re-add people that I have removed thanks to the option to see my history. Now I have to wait 14 days to be able to request more. I don’t really have any interest in chatting with people I don’t know so I’ve got nothing to lose.

  • Tim

    Show me those t**s hun :) Damn.. cougar/milf whatever you wanna call it, you got some nice t**ties! :) MMM!

  • jeewan

    I can’t chat , what is the use ?

  • Indira

    That’s so stupid. For example, during the last weeks I have only added people I know and they’ve accepted me, I have no pending request and still… I’ve been blocked for 30 days. One or two negative answers should lead to be blocked? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Shame on you, face….book!

  • George

    It won’t be 30 days straightaway. The first time you cross the line, you just get a warning without being blocked. If you ignore the warning and continue sending friend requests in an “unnatural” way, you’ll be blocked from adding friends for 7 days. After that, if you still persist in doing it, you’ll be blocked for 14 days. I suppose the 30-day punishment will be next – I don’t know. At the moment I’ve been blocked from adding any more Facebook friends for 14 days. :-(

    • pogi

      This is correct, after the 2 weeks suspension from sending friends requests and sending messages to non-friend users, the 30-day will be next, I don’t know as well what is next.

      • Steve

        I just got my second block. The first was a 14 or 15 day block. This one is a 30 and the message said the next will be permanent. I only tried to friend one distant cousin and messaged him first explaining what I was doing and why. I did not even deserve to have the 14 day suspension because I heeded the warning prior. I wrote about this as a status on my facebook page and a friend responded with a link to this page.

  • Sumit Mukherjee

    Good one, but i think that’s not just an only issue to block from adding new friends!!.