How to Stop Broadcasting Your Kid’s Location

cell-phoneDid you know that unless you specifically turn it off, your phone includes exact location details with each photo you take? This means that your home address, your kids’ school, their favorite park (and so on) is being transmitted via social networks each time you post a picture of them (or anything) online. The location data known as geotags is included in your picture’s meta data, along with information such as the model of your phone.

Here are the basic instructions for disabling geotagging in photos. For iPhones, go to Settings / General / Location Services and set Camera to “OFF”. For an Android, start the camera, go to Settings, and turn the GPS Tag option “OFF”. For Windows phones, Settings / Applications / Pictures & Camera and set “include location (GPS) info in Pictures you take” to “OFF”.

For more detailed instructions, go to your fav search engine, and search for “disable geotag phone” plus the specific model of your phone.

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