YouTube Changes Commenting System

Youtube_LogoAnnounced a few months ago, but finally rolled out this week, are Google’s newest changes to the YouTube commenting system requiring all commenters to login with their Google Plus accounts. Since Google requires a real name be associated with each Google plus account, it is now harder to remain anonymous when commenting this way.

This move has outraged a huge fan base who either prefer to remain anonymous, or enjoy seeing all the vitriolic comments left by others. A quick Google search unearthed at least a dozen petitions asking YouTube to bring back the old commenting system, garnering tens of thousands of “signatures.”

To see what the new comments look like, here’s a link to the discussion page for SoulPancake YouTube channel. And here’s an official video introduction.

There are dozens of funnier videos railing against the changes, but most were not G rated, so I will leave it to you to find them yourself. What do you think of changes? For the better or for the worse?

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