Google Pushes to Make Email More Private

Google promotes safer email for everyone.
Google promotes safer email for everyone.

If you are a Google Gmail user, your email is accessed and transmitted over a secure connection. But not all email providers offer end-to-end email security (which equals privacy), and Google is calling them out with new Safer Email campaign.

In this report, Gmail revealed that 71% of email they send to other providers is encrypted end-to-end. But of all incoming email arriving at Gmail, only 50% is encrypted during transit.

Google’s emphasis on in-transit encryption does NOT mean that you are completely safe from prying eyes if you are a Gmail user, because your privacy also depends on the technology of those who are receiving and sending you email. So, we are all in this together.

To see which email providers are already proving end-to-end encryption, see Google’s list here. Maybe a little public shaming will help speed up the adoption of safer email technology for everyone.

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