10 Reasons Why Uber is Better than a Taxi

A recent Uber receipt.
A recent Uber receipt.

Those of you’ve who’ve never used Uber might be wondering why I am reviewing a taxi service on my Tech Tips blog. But once you try Uber , you’ll understand.

Uber is a phone app that summons a driver. When the car arrives, tell him where you want to go. When you arrive, simply thank the driver and leave. Your ride will automatically be charged to your credit card (or PayPal account) and the amount is inclusive of the tip.

Why is Uber better than a taxi?

Reason 1) Here’s a coupon for $30 worth of free rides. Decide for yourself!

Reason 2) You simply click your phone to summon a car. No need to walk to a busy intersection to try and flag down a taxi. Maybe you city folk have this part down, but for a suburban girl like me, it’s always a struggle.

Reason 3) No need to handle the payment or tipping stuff at the end of the ride. Simply gather your personal stuff and leave! Thanking the driver is actually optional. Want to share the cost of the ride with another Uber customer? That’s easy too! Just click, click and it’s done.

Reason 4) You can get an estimate of the cost by just tapping a few buttons on your phone.

Reason 5) In many cities, Uber is cheaper than a taxi.

Reason 6) If you have a complaint, it is easy to contact Uber. I complained once, and got exactly what I asked for: a 70% refund.

Reason 7) The drivers and riders are rated by each other. The drivers need to keep up their ratings in order to continue getting riders.

Reason 8) After your ride, you will get a map of your ride and a receipt emailed to you.

Reason 9) If you leave anything in the Uber car, you (and Uber) know exactly which car you were in.

Reason 10) After you sign up and take advantage of the $30 credit, you can earn more credits by sharing Uber with your friends.

P.S. The $30 credit offer is a limited-time offer. If it has expired you will only get $10 worth of free rides, so why wait? Sign up now!

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