5 Ways to Increase Privacy on Your Cell Phone

5 simple ways to increase your cellphone's privacy.
5 simple ways to increase your cellphone’s privacy.

With privacy concerns all over the news, several mobile handset makers are releasing new models with extra privacy features built-in. But there’s no need to throw your current handset out, as there is plenty you can do with your current Android or iPhone to make it harder for anyone to spy on your activities.

1) Password protect your phone. Whether with a PIN or a an unlock pattern, this password is your first line of defense in case your phone falls into the wrong hands.

2) Encrypt your phone’s contents. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, and you’re using a PIN or passcode, your phone data is automatically encrypted. Android users need to take a few extra steps. Make sure your phone is charged and plugged in. Look in Settings > Security for the “Encrypt phone” option. Choose a 6-digit passcode and go outside and play. The encryption process will take about an hour.

3) Use secure calling and chatting apps. Most calling and texting apps are not secure. Those that are include Apple Facetime, Apple iMessage, Silent Text, Silent Phone, Wickr, ChatSecure and TextSecure.

4) Use a VPN. When using an open WiFi network, all your activities are visible to anyone who wants to snoop. To block prying eyes, use a VPN whenever you are using a public hotspot.

5) Update your software. Security flaws are fixed all the time. Stay on top of your app updates to take advantage of all the newest fixes.

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