How To Set Up A Limited User Account In Windows

What is a limited user account?

A limited user account in Windows gives specified users the ability to only utilize certain programs and functions on their computers. People with limited user accounts are also unable to download or delete certain applications on their computer or while online.

There are a number of reasons and benefits for setting up limited user accounts, including:

Increased security. Even with firewall and anti-virus protection, harmful malware can still find its way onto a computer. This is especially true if users are downloading programs such as active x or visiting sites that install spyware while surfing the net. With the limited access limited user accounts provide, the likelihood of malware on the computer is much lower.
Added protection. Because users with a limited user account are unable to delete or add applications and programs, computer owners can have the confidence of knowing the computer will remain undefiled.

What can you do with a limited user account?

Limited user accounts still allow users to do pretty much everything needed to run their computer and complete day-to-day tasks. Some of the things users can still do, even with a limited user account, include:

Use programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point.
Use programs that allow users to listen to music or edit photographs
Surf the Internet and send and receive emails
Change the passwords and pictures on the account

What can you not do with a limited user account?

There are a number of things, as the name suggests, that users who are on a limited user account can’t do. Some of these things include:

Install software or hardware. New software and hardware programs must be installed by an administrator on a limited user’s account.
Change the name or account type. Users with a limited user account on Windows are unable to change their name. In addition, they can’t change the account type (such as removing the limited user account status).
Download certain applications from the Internet. Limited user account users are unable to download specific Internet applications and programs. This helps protect the computer and system from malware.

Setting up a limited user account

You can set up as many limited user accounts as you need to for your employees or family members. To set up a limited user account, follow these steps. Note: You must be an administrator or have administrator rights in order to set up limited user accounts.

1. In Windows, click Start, and then select the Control Panel option.
2. Click on User Accounts. A number of selections will come up. Select Pick a Task, then Create a new account.
3. The Action menu will come up. Select New User.
4. Type in the user’s name, then click Next.
5. Under Pick an account type, select Limited User, and then click Create account.
6. Your user will be able to select his or her own password and pictures.

Limited user accounts are helpful for employers and are a good way to protect your computer, information, and system from the threat of being hacked or from malware being installed on your computers. If you have problems or questions setting up you limited user accounts, the Windows website is very helpful.

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