How to Choose Video Games Based on Genre

When you are choosing video games there are plenty of things to consider, such as the rating, the creator, the system to which it goes, and more. However, one of the best ways to choose video games is based on the genre. If it is the kind of game you like, chances are you will not feel like you have wasted money. The following are the different types of video games you can choose from:

RTS (Real Time Strategy). These are games such as Warcraft and Age of Empires. They allow you to build a world from scratch. You have to gather resources, etc. and as you build new things your strength and abilities grow. This is a great type of video game if you want to play alone and have a challenge, or if you occasionally play with others. Also, this is a great game type because it gives you options from playing as if you were from an ancient civilization to a space dweller.

Sport games. These are great for the sport lover to get in the game from another aspect. There are plenty of sport games available. The best are EA Sports Company, however, you find different varieties for every gaming system. These usually offer great graphics, and help people to understand some of the inner workings and dynamics of the games they watch.

Shooter/FPS (First Person Shooter). These kind of games on a computer are great for single player, but on a console you probably want to play with a few people or they get really boring.

Party. These are not the kinds of games you want for the semi-interested in video games. These are for people who have others to play with and who play a lot. However, they can be great for all ages. MARIO PARTY is a good example.

RPG (Role Playing Games). These are very detailed games, normally with ‘stats’. You should want to get quite involved if choosing this type. Usually you have some sort of objective and you collect things, and overcome challenges to meet that objective. Basically you pick up where you left off each time you play. These games range from POKEMON to FINAL FANTASY.

Platformer or Adventure. These are like your Nintendo games. They are simple, and can provide hours of fun. You do not have to start where you ended to enjoy this game, but can play the different levels and different options for hours of fun. Mario is an example. These are also great for one player or more.

MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RPG). These are not what most people think of when they think video games because you do not use a gaming console, but rather a computer. These types of games come in varying types. These types of games are very time and life-consuming. You play alone, but you play against hundreds of people all over the online world. So, you will run into all sorts of players, which helps spice things up. You see darker type of players; ninja loots, thieves etc.

Simulation. These are great games for beginners or the not so avid video gamer because these are the games where you can do what you want and see what happens. Flight and train simulators are for the more advanced, experienced gamers. The Sims games are great for beginners.

Once you know what kind of game you think you would like and that suits your lifestyle, choosing a video game is a matter of a little research. For example, if you think you would be into RPG games, then you will want to read reviews, both from popular gaming sites such as IGN or Gamespot, and from other gamers as well about this specific genre. Usually other gamers with the same interests will point you in the direction of the games worth your time, and the ones to avoid.

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