How to Choose Video Games Without Wasting Money

Video games are expensive, and there are a ton of them out there, so how do you choose ones you will like so you do not waste your money? Once it is opened, it is usually not returnable. If you do not like the game, and you do not want to play it, you have wasted money. So, how can you sort through the seemingly zillions of games out there to find the ones that are right for you? If you find the right games, you won’t waste your money, so try some of these suggestions:

1.Rent the game first. It is possible to get an unlimited game rental membership for as little as $10 a month, sometimes even less if you get the right promotions etc. So, in any given month you can try out, or play until you win several games. So, how does this help you choose video games without wasting money? First off, the cost is going to be the same whether it is a game you like or don’t. The truth is that you pay your ten bucks, and you try game after game until you find one that you like. If you love the game, then go buy it, or keep renting it until you beat it or are done playing it. Let’s face it, renting is a fantastic option. Why? Because with the number of video games increasing in leaps and bounds everyday, it is not practical for each and every gaming enthusiast to buy all the new and newly released video games. Renting is a more affordable, and in many cases, a more practical option, especially for those who play a lot. If you do not play often and it is going to take you eight months to beat a game, renting will be costly, not cost effective.

2.Get advice from friends. If you want to buy video games that you will enjoy, and not waste money buying, it is always a good idea to get a recommendation. Of course, it is not good to get a recommendation from just anyone. Usually your friends will have similar interests as you, which means you will probably enjoy the same types of video games. Of course, you could always just borrow games from your friends and save even more money.

You can also get recommendations from the clerk at your favorite video game shop. You can tell them what genre of games you like, or what your current favorites are, and ask what they recommend that is similar. Of course, if you just ask if they recommend a game they may recommend what their favorite is, and their interests could be significantly different from yours. So, make sure you know what they like before you take their suggestions to heart, or it could cost you.

3.Read reviews. A great way to ensure that you choose a great video game without wasting money is to take the time to do some research. Even if the game is new someone has likely played it and written a review on whether it is good or not. So, get online and read, read, read; you will be able to see what other gamers like you have thought of the game. You will be able to see from other people’s experiences if the game is worth the money. If it is not worth the money, now you know.

4.Play similar games to ones you already know you like. Obviously if you want a game that is not going to feel like you wasted your money, choose one that is similar to, but not a copy cat of, a game you already have and love, or have played and love. If you already like a game, ask around for games that are similar, or find out other people who like that game, and what other games they like.

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