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Having a fast and reliable Internet connection is sometimes hard to achieve. Sometimes, you may get a faster system, and a faster Internet service. But, what if it wasn’t your fault that your computer was slow booting up, and that the Internet connection was also slow? What if it was someone else who was installing spyware on your computer, and that was the reason your computer was so slow? Well, it is very important that you have updated spyware protection, so that you can maintain a reliable and fast computer.

What is spyware? Spyware is computer software that is installed stealthily onto a PC to take control of the computer without consent. It sounds like someone is spying into your computer. But, unfortunately it is not as simple as spying. It is much worse. Not only can they monitor and steal your valuable information, they can do so much more. They can control your Internet connection, upload more harmful viruses that will freeze your Internet connection and make it very slow. They can even change your Windows registry settings. In the year of 2005, AOL found out that about sixty percent of all PCs had spyware installed on them. Ninety-two percent of users with spyware infested computers didn’t even know of its presence. Spyware as we can see, is very dangerous and we’re constantly surrounded by it. Is there a way to fight it and remove it? Yes there is. It is called spyware protection or anti-spyware software.

Some spyware is tricky. If you try to remove it off of your registry, the spyware will restore itself automatically. It can be as bad as trying to kill a hydra. But, spyware is young, and hasn’t been around for very long. 1998 was the first known use of spyware. Although it is young, it has been evolving and getting more dangerous. Anti-spyware is relatively new also, but it can be very useful in blocking and removing many kinds of spyware. But if your computer gets too infected, your computer is as good as gone.

Getting spyware protection for your personal computer is relatively easy. Most of the time, it will be included with your computer. But, if it isn’t, or you prefer a different program, go to any place that sells computers or computer software, and you’ll be sure to find your preferred anti-spyware program. The software will routinely download updates as new spyware programs are known. Anti-spyware programs can combat spyware in two effective ways:

You can get real time protection from spyware. This method scans all the traffic that takes place on your computer, and it searches and destroys any suspicious spyware software. This method is less popular than the other method.
The more popular method is the one that detects and eliminates spyware that is already installed on your computer. A plus with this version of anti-spyware is that it is much easier to use. You can schedule routine checkups on your computer that range anywhere from daily, weekly, and even monthly. This version will bring a report of the contents of the program, and allow you to quarantine the program or to remove it. \

But, be very cautious of phony anti-spyware programs (also known as rogue software). You have probably seen this version of spyware before. When you are surfing the web, do you remember those banners that claim that you have been infected with spyware? Well, this is the most common method of this kind of phony software to masquerade itself. If you see one, do not click on it. They don’t really clean spyware, and they will add more harmful spyware to your computer.

You always want to be up to date on your spyware. If you don’t have the latest, fanciest anti-spyware protection, it is okay because you will receive an update through the Internet.

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