Need to Know: Disposable Email Addresses

A disposable email address is a fantastic way for you to enhance your privacy and to protect yourself from crooks and thieves who are trolling to catch someone and their personal information. Millions of people were victims of identity theft last year, and there is no easier way to steal somebody’s personal information than by finding out online who that person is. It is a piece of cake to use somebody’s email address and then to trace that email address to the individual who uses, then to find out the person’s name and home address, and then all sorts of other information which you can even just buy online.

A disposable email address is a fantastic way to enhance your online privacy by essentially giving you an online alias that cannot be traced to you. Disposable email addresses create a different email address for each contact; then if you find out that a contact is selling your email address to other groups or companies, or if a particular disposable email address is being spammed, then you can just delete that particular disposable email address and your real email account won’t be touched. A disposable email address can’t be traced back to you, and will help you protect your identity whenever you join a chat room, contribute to wiki, join an online forum, post to a bulletin board, and so on and so forth.

You can also filter your emails and set up particular email settings so that some disposable email addresses send straight to your real email account, and some just go straight to the trash. Disposable email addresses are a fantastic way to find out which online sites are trustworthy, and which ones will sell your information to shady companies and organizations. You can get rid of any contacts who are attempting to compromise your online safety, and nobody will ever be able to trace your email address back to your name, your address, your bank account number, and so on and so forth. Of course, you will need to be aware that some online sites will not accept disposable email addresses, because they hide identities and trolls and other malicious users will sign up on these sites and nobody can figure out who they are, which is particularly an issue where crime is involved or harassment.

There are millions of people out there who are eager to invade your privacy and steal your identity. One of the easiest ways to get a hold of your identity is to find out who you are by tracing your email address and then finding out your name, your address, your phone number, and more. By using disposable email addresses, then you can set up a smoke screen between your contact and your real email address, thus effectively setting up a wall between the potential identity thief and your identity. Because you are not using your actual email address, then the identity thieves cannot discover anything about you, and your identity is protected. Also, because you have a different disposable email address for each one of your contacts, then you are also protecting yourself even more because there is not a single email address that you are using in order to contact people.

There are a number of different providers of disposable email addresses, all of which are trustworthy and who will provide you with secure disposable email addresses.

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