How to Recognize Internet Addiction in Self and Friends

Internet addictions can be just as serious and hard to get over as other types of addictions. They consume you and don’t go away just by hoping. If you think your friend or yourself might have an Internet addiction then you need to make sure that you get the help right away. Here are some ways to check.

The first step is to recognize that an Internet addiction may be the problem. You might not want to admit it, but if you do, it will make everything so much easier. If you think you might have an Internet addiction, try asking yourself these questions:

Do you usually spend more time online than you plan to?
Do you get everything done that you need to?
Do you not do certain things because you would rather be on the Internet?
Do you ignore important things to go on the Internet?
Would you rather go online than on a date with someone you loved?
Do you have very good relationships with several people online?
Do you make friends very easily while online?
Do you miss work because you are online?
Do you check your email several times a day, not for work purposes?
Are you often thinking about being on the Internet instead of things that you need to be doing?
Do you try to hide what you are doing online from your spouse or roommate?
Do you try to figure out when you will go online again as soon as you are off?
Do you worry that you won’t be able to function without the Internet?
Do you think about the Internet instead of the problems you have in your life?
Do you spend more time online than with other people?

Do you lie about how long you have been online when asked?
Do you stay online instead of sleeping?
Do you play online games for hours at a time?
Do you think about your online game even after you are done playing?
Do you wish you could be playing your game while doing other things?
Do you get angry when you have to stop playing your game?
Do you lie about how often you play the game?
Do you gamble with money you don’t have?
Do you think about gambling all the time?
Do you lie about how often you gamble?
Have you done anything illegal in order to get money to gamble?
Have you quit or been in danger of losing your job because of gambling?
Is online gambling a way for you to “escape” your problems?
Do you buy things a lot from Internet marketplaces?
Do you think about online auctions while not online constantly?
Have you lied about how often you go to the online auctions?

If you or your friend answered any of these questions as being true or yes you do it a lot, then seek help. There are many websites that are available that will help you overcome your addiction. They provide professional help and groups so you don’t have to struggle on your own.

Be honest with yourself. If you or your friend has an Internet addiction it will only get worse if you don’t get over it. Make sure that you are getting help. There is lots out there, and even just talking to a friend can help you get over your dependence.

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