What Types of Internet Addictions Exist?

Many different types of Internet addictions exist. Everything from affairs to too much Internet surfing. Lets look at some different types of Internet addictions and make sure that you don’t have one or will stay away from having an addiction.

One category of Internet addictions is pornography, cybersex, and online affairs. There are websites dedicated to each of these subjects all over the Internet. They boast happiness and love but really only ruin your marriages and lives. Any other “woman” in your relationship can ruin it. It is the same with Internet because they are real people and it can be addicting.

Online gaming is another Internet addiction. Thousands of people play games like “World of Warcraft” for hours every day. This is an addiction. They are hooked on playing a game which is fictional. Online gaming doesn’t just have to be interactive games. They can be games like solitare and other card games. If you are spending hours a day playing games or finding yourself buying the merchandise all the time from online then you probably have an addiction to it. You can still play the games and buy the merchandise, but there is a fine line between a hobby and an addiction.

Online gambling is one of the most serious online addictions. People go to casinos and gamble all the time for vacations or just to have fun. They spend usually what they have budgeted for the trip and go home. But, if you have access to all of that online, it can be very addicting. Instead of playing every once in a while and playing with only a little bit of money, you might end up using all of the money you have. Often when people play online, they can’t control themselves and end up spending a lot more than they have. Then people end up losing their homes and possessions because of a hobby that turned into an addiction.

Everyone loves to surf the web and see what’s out there. Maybe watch a funny clip or read an interesting article. But if you are spending hours a day just looking around, you are probably addicted to web surfing. It is a real addiction. People can spend hours and hours online and not really get anything done or do anything productive, even make themselves relax. If you find yourself watching video clips on Youtube everyday and find yourself not able to function without watching clips or going on the Internet, then you need to get help with your addiction.

Ebay and all the other online marketplaces are wonderful for people who love bargains and love to go to yard sales. They are filled with many great things for people to buy. But, if you are someone who loves to shop and can’t control yourself, then you have to be careful when going on Ebay. People can spend hours and hours looking up items and buying things that they will never use. People will spend tons of money online and waste away their money. This can lead to huge amounts of debt and losing possessions and homes.

Addictions start out as curiosity and then progressively turn into something you just have to do. Make sure that if you have a hobby of gambling online every once in a while, that you control yourself and only let yourself spend a certain amount or spend a certain amount of time online. This will help you from having an Internet addiction.

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