How to P2P File Share on Social Graphs

How to P2P file share on social graphs can become very confusing. You may not be familiar with what P2P file sharing is or what a social graph is. You may have already used a P2P file share program on a social graph and not known that you had. The most widely shared files on any network including social graph networks are music. Sharing P2P files on a social graph can be done in the same way you shared files on other networks. First we’ll take a look at what a social graph is and what P2P file sharing is, then tell you how to P2P file share on a social graph.
A social graph is actually the graph that illustrates the many interconnections among people, groups and organizations in any of the social networks you find on the Internet. Social graph is also sometimes used to refer to the social network itself but it is actually the graph itself. There are plenty of social networks available to share your files on. Many of the social networks are specific to your hobbies and likes.
P2P file sharing or Peer-to-Peer is a program that helps you to share files with other people throughout the world. P2P is a network where each computer on the network has the ability to be both the client by getting files and the server by giving files. P2P allows any computer running with the specific P2P software to access other computers on the same network. P2P will let anyone on this network share those files with each other and many others that are on that network. How to go about P2P file sharing then can be fairly easy.

To begin using a P2P file sharing service on a social graph or network you first need to be a member of the specific social network and a P2P file sharing site. Look for a P2P file sharing site and social graph that is more specific to the types of files that you are looking for like music, movies or games. It really doesn’t matter what type of network you use as long as it is a reputable one and has the files you are looking for or wanting to share.

Many social graphs or networks have a file share program installed already so it can be easier for you to share what you are wishing to share. If your social graph does not have one you will want to look at the P2P file share sites that are compatible with your chosen social graph.

You should install firewalls and virus protection software to protect your computer and personal files you do not want shared. This should be done before you share any files. Viruses can attach themselves to your files that are being uploaded or downloaded and cause big problems with all computers involved. Installing this software and firewalls will help in protecting the social graph or network.

Once you have the P2P networks software on your computer along with specific firewalls and virus protection you can become more specific on the file you are looking for. For social graphs with P2P networks on them the available files to share may not be very big. When you find your specific file you want you can then download it onto your computer using the P2P file sharing service on your social graph. There may be a lot of the same file so use your judgment for which file best suits your needs. Store these files into a folder for your use at a later time.

How to P2P file share on a social graph should really be no different from regular P2P file sharing. Pay attention to the rules that govern any file sharing and the copyright laws. Do not download questionable material. When file sharing on a P2P file share network you will want to also abide by the rules set by the social graph.

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