Using Flickr Tags

Flickr is photo sharing software is a popular way to pass on your treasured photos to your friends and family. Flickr is one of the most popular online photo management sharing applications in the world. Flickr was launched in February 2004 by Ludicorp and quickly became the world’s most popular repository of images and photographs.

Flickr was one of the earliest Web 2.0 applications available. Flickr is not only popular for sharing personal photographs, but the recent blogging community has started using Flickr as a photo repository. As of November 2007, Flickr hosts more than 2 billion images and is fueled by its organizational tools.

The early versions of Flickr included a multiuser chat room called FlickrLive with real-time photo exchange capabilities. Flickr also focused on collecting images on the web instead of by its users. Eventually the chat room idea was abandoned and Flickr began focusing on its members.

Tagging your photos

Flickr allows you to add notes and tags to each photo and invite friends and family to view your photos, share comments, form private or public groups, share comments, organize all your photos with your Organizer and many other things. Flickr has the ability to find and sort images using Flickr tags.

Flickr tags are an easy way to organize your images. Flickr tags are like keywords or labels that allow you to add a photo and make it easier to find later. You can tag your photo with phrases and look for pictures later by clicking the tag and finding all your photos. Another option you have is to add tags to your friends’ photos.

The limit for the number of tags you can add per photo is 75. If you want to add new tags to a photo that has more than 75 tags, you will need to get the number of tags under that limit first.

When you originally sign up for Flickr, your account will be marked as “pending” until the Flickr administrators can review you account and make sure you aren’t posting inappropriate images or downloading junk from the internet. Your photos will not show up in the public photo list when you account is pending. This also means your photos won’t appear on pages that show all photos tagged with a specific tag.

If the images you upload aren’t photos, you will be tagged in the NIPSA (Not in Public Site Areas). This area is mostly for stock photos, celebrity photos, nudity, screenshots, or other images. If you ever need, you can contact Flickr to discuss your account status.

If you have tagged your photos and still can’t see them, you need to contact Flickr. There are a number of reasons why your items may not appear, but chances are the issue will be resolved in 24-48 hours.

Uploading your Photos

Fortunately, Flickr has a wide range of uploading tools available for both Mac and Windows. Emailing your photos to Flickr is an easy method to get your photos uploaded. You will have your unique email address that you use and you can send photos to your Flickr photostream or upload them to your Flickr photostream and automatically have the pictures posted to your blog. In order to do this, you can go to Flickr’s help page and configure your email settings.

The Windows Uploader is available in all languages that Flickr offers and the Mac version is only available in English. Flickr is working to expand the languages so new languages will be added soon.

There is not a limit as to how many photos you can upload to your Flickr account. If you have the Flickr free account, you will only see the most recent 200 photos displayed. Again, the Flickr free account only allows for 100MB of bandwidth to be uploaded per month, so try to make the photos as small as possible. You can view your remaining upload amount on the Flickr upload page.

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