How to View Facebook From a Restricted Area

Many of us use Facebook as a social tool to keep in touch with family and friends. We send each other little messages and keep up on the latest news. We check out who is friends with who and make important connections. The site is also very useful for meeting new people and finding out about important local events. With so many members, many people almost can’t afford to not have a Facebook page these days. Perhaps one of the best things about Facebook is that it allows you to keep in touch with people that you would otherwise never see or speak with. An old friend can suddenly turn up, allowing you to reconnect and stay in touch. There are also those family members that you hardly ever see or speak with. Facebook allows you to easily maintain some sort of relationship with these people. Millions of people agree that Facebook is a great tool for all sorts of purposes. But have you ever not been able to access Facebook from a particular location—perhaps a school or business computer?

It seems strange when any other website might be working but Facebook will not come up. Chances are that the computer gives you a message about the site being blocked. Who would want to block you from using Facebook? Many companies and schools have something called a firewall that prevents particular websites from being seen through their Internet server. This might be because they don’t want people spending time looking at the sites, or because they might think that there is material on the sites that is offensive or disturbing. So is there any way to possibly get around the firewall so that you can see your Facebook profile and the profile of your friends? Many people rely on Facebook as an important communication tool. If their only access to the Internet is through a school server they will not be able to look at Facebook. For many of us this could be something of an isolating personal tragedy. Luckily there is a way to access Facebook by going around the firewall.

A firewall can be avoided by using something called a proxy server. Proxies provide a temporary server for you besides the server used by a school or business. The server accesses the Internet without the same restrictions, allowing you to view Facebook from your school or business computer without coming up against the firewall. There are several proxies out there for Facebook that can be easily found online. Just search for a Facebook proxy and you will see dozens of sites. However, you should be careful and realize that these proxies are not always very safe. The information you send or read through them could be viewed by someone else on the outside proxy server. If you can research different proxies do so. Once you have found a good proxy, simply type the Internet address of Facebook into the proxy and it should allow you to immediately get into Facebook from your restricted location.

Because Facebook is such an important part of the way you communicate with others you should not be permanently shutoff from it. It is understandable that a company or school might not want you looking at it during times of work or study, but a firewall can be a little extreme if you have no other Internet access. Good luck accessing Facebook from any computer, and especially from ones that have firewalls!

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