What Is Twitter?

We all love to socialize. It is truly one of the most important parts of being a person to socialize with friends and family. Those of us who do not socialize often have difficult and depressing lives. Spending time with friend and family is more than just nice—it is as important as life itself. There are lots of different ways we can socialize. Obviously playing games, having conversations, and exercising together are various ways that we socialize. There are literally thousands of ways to spend time with other people. In our modern world we have also found interesting technological ways to socialize and keep in touch with people.

You might have heard of various social networking sites on the Internet that allow you to create a profile and to communicate with many people. One of these is Facebook, which gives each person a page that they can post interesting personal information on. Another fascinating networking site is Twitter, which is a little like Facebook but with some crucial and noteworthy differences. If you haven’t heard of Twitter, you should pay attention. It is a truly interesting and useful idea for socializing with friends and family. But what is Twitter? Here is some information that should help you understand what the program is used for:

Twitter allows its members to write short blogs that are posted on other member’s sites. These blogs are only 140 words so they can only convey short bits of information. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t use these short blogs to communicate something important. A tweet (the short blog) is short enough to convey something really important. It might not tell your life story, but it could communicate some important information or just let someone know how your day was. There are all sorts of possibilities with Twitter.

Twitter tweets are posted on the profile pages that each user has. The really unique thing about Twitter is that updates can be sent using various methods. With most of these networking sites you need to actually login and write your update directly on someone’s page. What Twitter allows you to do is send information through emails, instant messenger, or even text a message from your phone. The message goes to all the users you indicate on your profile as being capable of receiving messages. This means that you could be at a big meeting and get some good news and text it immediately to your friends and family through a Twitter page. Once you post the message on your site it can be texted or instant messaged to everyone you indicate. In a sense, this multiplies your capability to communicate with lots of people quickly. You can send short, informative messages to hundreds of people from your page in a matter of seconds.

There are millions of Twitter accounts in the world, so there is a good chance that someone you know has one. Besides the obvious immediate social value of this program, think about how it might be valuable for connecting parents and kids. Most parents worry about their children—about how they are doing and what their plans are. Lots of kids also don’t like to call home much. But with Twitter they can write a short message. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways you might be able to use a Twitter account to support your social and familial life. Be creative with Twitter. You will find uses for the program that others would never have thought of. It’s all about communication!

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