Finding Adware Removal Software

While many adware removal programs today are marketed as free, they have hidden costs, typically after the free trial period or you can use the scan function but you have to pay for the full program in order to see the issues the program’s scan has unearthed. With careful research, you can find good, high quality, legitimately free adware removal software. Ad-Aware for home is free downloadable anti-virus software that works well. There are a few different places that you can find adware removal programs; many have free, home use versions. Let’s take a closer look at adware and how to find adware removal programs.

What is adware?

Adware is marketing software, usually embedded in other programs or on websites, which displays ads while they are running. Ads are often displayed on web browsers, in tool bars, as pop-up windows or in the host program. Adware also collects information about you, unbeknown to you, which is then either sold to other parties of interest or sent to 3rd party vendors in order for them to “customize” ads and e-mails to better ‘service your needs’, as offers and ads are based on information gathered from searches you have run and other websites you’ve visited.

There are basically two different types of adware: parasitical and legitimate. Legitimate adware programs do not pose a danger to your computer system because they don’t collect any data or personal information. Legitimate adware is used by vendors as a source of revenue that allows them to distribute commercial software for free.

Parasitical adware programs are the ones that can cause some major problems and are similar to spyware parasites. They generally install themselves without your knowledge and run on your computer continuously. While they’re not quite as dangerous as spyware, they will collect information about you for marketing and advertising purposes. They are quite annoying but, more importantly, they collect your information and sell it to third parties, thus violating your privacy, sometimes to great detriment.

How did adware get into my computer?

Some adware vendors present it as a useful tool that improves download time. If you download a lot of things from the internet, this may seem like a helpful, time saving tool. Truthfully, not only is the program useless but it attaches itself to other programs in your system and becomes very difficult to remove. Some adware gets onto your computer system through security holes in Internet Explorer. Some vendors deliberately run dangerous, infected web sites which create infected or insidious advertising pop ups and they know you won’t notice that something’s been installed on your computer, at least not immediately.

If you think you have adware on your computer, here are a couple of tips on how to find adware removal programs.

Tip #1: Search the internet

Do a search for free adware removal software as there are several great software programs available that are truly free. Make sure you read the fine print as several are free-to-try or will scan for free but the actual clean up function requires you to purchase the software. There are multiple great programs out there that do a great job so look for one that fits your needs and download it.

Tip #2: Make sure the web site is legitimate

Unfortunately, as there are many dishonest web sites that offer fake adware removal programs with hidden costs or viruses attached that could do some serious damage to your computer, you have to be careful which web sites you choose to download from. As the need for adware protection becomes more prevalent many deceitful companies are developing fake adware programs. and are two great, reputable websites that offer downloads, free and otherwise, software ratings and recommendations.

Learning more about adware will help you learn how to find adware removal programs that will work for your computer. Should you end up with adware on your computer, don’t beat yourself up as the developers who create and market fraudulent software have even faked out the FBI and other industry experts. With diligence and careful attention to what you’re downloading, and the websites you’re visiting, you should be able to avoid adware.

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