How To Untag Yourself on Facebook

Sooner or later it’s bound to happen. One of your Facebook friends thinks that photo of you is just so hilarious. They’ve uploaded it and tagged you. And now it’s there for all your friends to see. You, however, don’t think the photo is all that great. In fact, you hate the photo and wish there was some way to unlink it from your Facebook profile. And there is. You can untag yourself in any Facebook
photo with these simple steps. First, follow the link in the email notification that you probably received when you were tagged. Or else, simply traverse to the photo through your profile. Now look in the lower left-hand corner for the phrase “In this photo.” You will see a list of all tagged Facebook members, including yourself. And next to your name will be a “remove tag” link to click. That’s all
there is to it.

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  • Star

    The problem if 2 pictures and no way to remove tag, since it has nothing to do with me and it is a picture of a scantly clad female.

  • does someone gets notified when you untag yourself in facebook?

    I’ll appreciate if you can answer this question for me. Thank you.

  • Hamish

    Great tip, but the photo is still on facebook, isn’t it?

  • R Jeffresy

    Can’t thank you enough for this tip, Barbara! I had two pics stuck as my profile pic that I was tagged by. Much appreciated advice!
    ~ Jeff