Removing Spyware From Your Computer: A Primer

Finding spyware on your computer can be quite disturbing, but figuring out how to get rid of it can be a hassle. Of course, the best way to prevent spyware is to keep it from getting onto your computer in the first place. However, if you’re past that point, here are some tips for removing spyware from your computer.

Since there are many different software programs available today which claim to remove spyware, it may be difficult to determine which ones live up to their claims. When searching for spyware removal software, make sure that your program of choice not only removes the spyware but protects your computer against future spyware threats. Panda Online Scan, Spybot Scan and Destroy and Ad-Aware are three of the best software programs available for removing spyware from your computer. None of the three take up much memory space on your computer but whichever one you choose will search through your entire system removing spyware and any other bugs as it goes. After you have found the right program to fit your needs, the first step in removing spyware is to download and install your program of choice onto your computer.

Back up your data. As you’re trying to eliminate and remove spyware programs you can lose any unsaved information and personal data. Make sure that you save your information to somewhere other than your hard drive; a zip disk, thumb drive or perhaps off-site back up such as Carbonite as you may lose everything that you don’t have saved.

Re-boot and check. After you have disconnected from the internet, reboot your computer in Safe Mode. Scan the computer using your anti-spyware software; this should remove any infected programs and files. Once this step is complete, re-boot again and then re-scan to make sure all the spyware is gone. Most of the time the anti-spyware software will eliminate the problems you are having completely. If, however, you still find spyware on your computer, uncheck the system restore box, hit apply and scan again as some spyware and viruses attach themselves to programs that are automatically restored when system restore boots.

Hopefully this brief primer on removing spyware from your computer will prove helpful. The bottom line is: if you find spyware on your computer it’s extremely important to take the necessary steps to remove it as soon as you can.

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