The Internet is a convenient tool that millions of people turn to every day for work, fun, education, or communication, among other things. However, it can also be a place for predators, criminals, and other people who would like to commit crimes or stalk their prey in an anonymous way.

iSAFE is one organization that is committed to helping people stay safe online. The following are some frequently asked questions about iSAFE.

What is iSAFE?

iSAFE is a nonprofit organization that provides a wide range of tools and resources designed to educate parents, teachers, students, law enforcement, and community leaders about Internet safety. iSAFE is actually the only Internet safety foundation that combines online curriculum with community outreach programs.

What is the history behind iSAFE?

iSAFE was founded in 1998. Since then, it has become a leader in online safety education and is available in all fifty states, as well as the Department of Defense schools that can be found all over the world. In 2002, iSAFE received recognition and support from the Senate and House of Representatives and began receiving funding from Congress to help achieve their goal of providing Internet safety education.

How does iSAFE provide online safety education?

iSAFE has a wide range of tools that can help provide Internet safety. Online modules, like their i-Mentor Training Network program provides 6 10-minute online modules that allow anyone to learn more about Internet dangers through a series of modules and videos. These are a convenient way to learn about cyber safety at your own pace. iSAFE’s i-LEARN program is designed exclusively for educators and teaches how to implement the iSAFE Internet safety programs.

What resources does iSAFE have for schools?

iSAFE provides curriculum to teachers in K-12 in all fifty states free of charge. The curriculum is age appropriate and interactive and teaches such useful information as personal safety online, cyber bullying, identifying predators, cyber citizenship, and other important things students need to know about the Internet.

Is iSAFE just for educating children?

iSAFE is committed to providing online safety education for everyone, not just children. Parents need to know about online safety to help keep their children safe, law enforcement need to know to help enforce and recognize cyber trouble, and adult computer users who may be unaware of the dangers of the Internet should also be educated about online safety. has online modules such as iParent and iFifty+ to help adult computer users learn more about online safety.

What are student iMentors?

iMentors are students in grades 5-12 who promote online safety to their peers and family members. They take a series of online training modules, then are trained and certified as i-Mentors. The i-Mentor program provides a number of resources to students who are committed to promoting online safety to their peers.

What are some of the outreach programs iSAFE provides?

iSAFE also has community outreach programs that help to educate parents, teachers, community leaders, and law enforcement about online safety outside of the classroom and away from the Internet. This includes workshops, trainings, and activities for the community members.

iSAFE is a leader in online safety education and has spent the past ten years educating parents, students, teachers, and community members about online safety. Their website,, can also help you to learn more about who they are, what they do, and how you can get involved.

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