How to Use Internet Filtering to Keep Your Kids Safe

Keeping kids safe on the Internet seems to be a fulltime job. As Internet trends continue to change, kids seem perfectly able to adapt to the newest programs, while parents seem to still struggle just logging on. Parents may feel like they are unable to keep their children safe online. Luckily, parents can invest in Internet filtering programs to help keep their kids safe online. Some parents may look at this option as just another way to remind them how slow they are on the computer, so here are a few tips on how to use Internet filtering to keep kids safe.

Decide Complexity

The first thing parents need to do is decide how much they need to monitor their children online. Some kids are not interested in chat rooms or online messaging, while others may have blogs, Facebook, and Myspace. The best way for parents to learn about their children’s online habits may be to simply play the student and ask their children how it all works. After a little research, parents will start to get a feel for what dangers may be lurking near their children.

Internet Filtering Programs

Parents must now choose a program to help them filter the Internet for their children. Depending on the way their kids use the Internet, enabling the pop-up blocker on the Internet browser may be the best option for them. However, most likely some sort of program will be needed. Internet filtering programs have different strengths. Some programs specialize in monitoring instant messaging programs, emails, and web pages. Other programs are good at blocking websites with questionable content. Other programs may have a great reporting system to keep parents up to date. Parents must decide which filtering program is best for their family.


Installing the new Internet filtering software might be the tricky part for many parents still apprehensive about computers. Most software designers understand that computers may be a new thing for many parents, so they have made them very user friendly. Some of the programs simply need to be placed in the disk drive. They will install and begin working without any help from the adults. However, in order to customize the program to fit the needs of a specific family, some tweaking may be necessary. The best way to go when exploring computer software is to read the instruction book. This will give parents a step-by-step guide on how to customize the program to fit their needs. Otherwise, the program may seem like an impenetrable technological jungle.

Create a Combination

Parents that wish to keep their kids safe on the Internet will need to set up some combination of Internet filtering and parental intervention. Internet filtering programs are great resources to help parents keep kids safe, but they are not full proof. Many kids are able to use the filtering programs better than their parents. Placing the computer that kids will be using in a high traffic room will help parents keep an eye on what kids are searching online. Another tactic parents should implement is to open up communication with their children about the Internet. Parents can get a good idea of what their kids are doing online without invading their kids’ privacy. Creating a combination of Internet filtering and parental intervention is the best way to ensure kids safety on the Internet.

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