Finding Educational Sites for Children

Many of the social networking sites out there do not allow children under the age of thirteen to join. Even with the social networking sites that have been created for children, many of them do not provide any value to the users. Educational social networking sites are hard to find. Finding a site that allows children to be social while learning is not impossible to find and we have created a simple guide to four social networking sites that do just that.


This is one of the best social networking sites that focuses solely on education. Whyville has sponsors like NASA and the Center for Disease Control. They also design some of the games that go on the site for the children to play. The games on the site are tested to make sure they actually can help to educate children. The site often finds new users and they will test their knowledge before and after the game to see if they actually learned anything.

Many researchers praise the site for the way it challenges children to put their brain to the test. Mathematics is one of the hardest subjects for children that fall within the target age group for the site which is six to sixteen. Young girls especially have been found to lose their interest in math and science during this age. The site targets these children that perhaps need a little bit of an extra push to help them learn, and it helps the children that like the subjects by placing them in simulations of real life in a virtual world. It’s a great way to help children find out what their interests are along with what they can see themselves doing after high school and college.


Since 2005, Webkinz has been one of the hottest selling plush toys for children under the age of fourteen. Each time you purchase a Webkinz plush toy, you are given an access code to the Webkinz world where your new toy essentially comes to life in a virtual world. This site is designed to teach children about the responsibility of having pets. Children are expected to care for their Webkinz by feeding it, walking it, and taking care of it. Without the proper care of the Webkinz, the avatar will die. Children can participate in games where they gain KinzCash to purchase items for their Webkinz. Each year you will need to purchase a new Webkinz plush or your account will be deactivated.

Club Penguin

Here is another great social networking site for children. It is a virtual gaming world where children are invited to create an account and develop their own virtual world. They can build relationships with other users on the site and even the site itself since you need to develop relationships with the store keeper to earn bonus points. When you gain more points, you can use it to buy furniture for your igloo and to buy clothing for your penguin.


For true protection for your children, Kidswirl is one of the best social networking sites out there. Similar to Club Penguin, Kidswirl is designed mostly for online gaming. It allows children to build needed social skills and it challenges their minds though difficult games. It’s a safe way for your children to meet new friends or to improve their relationships with older friends. The reason why parents enjoy the site is because they have the ability to see everything that their child does on the site. Their email address is required for registration on the site. Emails will be sent to the parents that inform them of their child’s behavior on the site.

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