How to Use the @Mentions Tagging Feature on Facebook

Tagging is one of Facebook’s great features. No matter what you post, if it involves friends or family, use tags to inform them that you’ve posted a picture or some other item that relates to them. You can post a note and tag people that you want to see it. You can post photographs and tag people in them so that the pictures show up on their profiles. You can tag people in videos and more. Until recently, you were not able to tag updates to your status and wall postings. However, Facebook has upgraded and you now have the ability to create a tag in your text by using the @mentions tagging feature.

Tagging people, events and pages is a good way to help your friends stay updated on information that is relevant to them without having spend hours sifting through the posts, photos and status updates from their friends on Facebook.

The @mentions tagging feature that allows you to tag people, events and pages in status updates and wall posts is simple to us. Additionally, it doesn’t require an application download.

How to use the @mentions function on Facebook:
1. Log into your Facebook account as usual.
2. Create a status or wall posting by typing in the bar. When mentioning a name or event in your status, type the “@” symbol before the name.
3. Choose from the drop down menu what you would like to reference. Once again it can be a person, event or page.
4. When you’re finished, publish the post.

When you place the @symbol in your status bar or wall post before a page, event or name, it does not publish with the symbol showing. Instead, it converts the symbol into a tag, and the name, event, or page tagged will become a blue, highlighted link. It can then be clicked on to take viewers to the page of the tagged person’s profile, the page or the page for the tagged event. It is a very user friendly way for quick access to the information being mentioned. It is a streamlined, useful function that makes Facebook even more meaningful.

In addition to creating the link, tagging a person, page or event results in the person, page or event you tag receiving a notification and a wall post linking them to your item. So, if it applies to them, they get notified so that they don’t miss something relevant to, or involving, them. However, with user privacy in mind, Facebook has allows those tagged to remove the tag from your posting if they wish.

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