Adding Media to Your Facebook Profile

Facebook is a great, relatively new way to share media and information. The creators of Facebook have made it easy to share your photos, videos, links to webpages and blogs on your profile page. The following are instructions for how to add the various types of media to your Facebook profile.


1. Log on to your Facebook account.
2. Go to your Profile by clicking on the “profile” tab.
3. Click on the tab that reads “photos” or on the “+” sign to find the link to “photos”
4. Click on “Create a Photo Album” and follow the prompts from there.
5. First you will fill in the name, and any specifics about the album such as your comments on it, where it was taken, and the privacy settings for it.
6. Click the button “Create Album” once you have finished filling out the basics.
7. Now you will be able to access your computer archives to find the photos you want to add to your Facebook profile. Find the photos and select them by checking the box in the corner. Once you have chosen the ones you want to add, click on the “upload” button.
8. Once they are uploaded you press “Ok”.
9. It should take you to a screen with a thumbnail of the photos, and here is where you add in extra info, or tag people, then click “publish”.


1. Log in and go to your Profile page.
2. Click the “Video” button at the top of your profile or click on the “+” and select video if you don’t have any videos attached to your profile. The “Video” button will have a video camera icon.
3. Click the “Upload” button.
4. Click “Browse” to select a video from your computer or select the tab that will instruct you on how to get a mobile video, or record one.
5. Click “Open” once you have selected your photo.
6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
7. Fill in the information for title, description and privacy settings.
8. Once your video is uploaded, click “Save Info”.

Your blog: Share your blog on your Facebook profile

1. Log onto your Facebook profile.
2. Click on the “Notes” button at the top, or on the “+” to get to the notes section.
3. Look to the right for the link that says, “Import Blog”.
4. Input your blog URL, and indicate you have the rights to it.
5. Click button to complete the import.


1. Log onto your Profile page.
2. Select the “Links” button at the top of the page or click on the “+” to get to the Links section.
3. Look to the right. You will see a gray box that explains how to bookmark the tool to create links. Follow the instructions by dragging the icon to your browser bookmark bar.
4. Whenever you are browsing the web, you simply click on the book marked button that reads “share on Facebook” and it will post to your Facebook page.

You can also upload video and photos from your iPhone by emailing them to the email address Facebook provides you. To find the email address select the photos of videos links and look for the section called “mobile uploads” if you click on it, you will be taken to a page where they give you the email address.

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