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If you ever use open Wi-Fi spots in coffee shops, hotels or airports, the easiest way to keep your account passwords safe is to use a secure (https) connection for your email and other favorite Internet hangouts, like Facebook. Although not previously available, in the last few weeks Facebook has begun rolling out a secure login option. Although it may not yet be enabled for your account, keep checking because it is coming soon. To enable secure login for your Facebook account, visit Account Settings / Account Security and check the box labeled Secure Browsing. For more detailed instructions, read Ask Leo.

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  • John DeCarlo

    I don’t have the option yet in my settings, but I have actually been using the new feature for a month or two.

    The trick?

    After logging in (which is done with HTTPS), go to the address line and manually change the “http:” to “https:” and hit enter.

    The rest of your session (as much as possible, some games and such don’t support it yet, for the longest time chat wasn’t supported, but now it is, etc.) will be secure.