Facebook has changed its News Feed Again!

Have you seen this viral Facebook post recently? Click the thumbnail below to see it in full size.

Facebook Changed the News Feed Again
Facebook Changed the News Feed Again

Despite recent viral Facebook posts suggesting that the way to see posts from “All Your Friends” is to go to your Facebook Account/ Edit Friends page, this advice is WRONG. The algorithmic changes to the Facebook News Feed started two years ago, and now you have “Top News” (which is filtered by an algorithm) and “Most Recent” which not filtered. To change the friend news filter from “recently interacted” to “all” you do NOT do it under Account/Edit Friends. Go to the bottom of your News Feed and click on “Edit Options”. You will find the two choices there: recently interacted or all friends. Here is a screenshot of the popup box you’ll get when you click on “Edit Options.”

Show Posts From

You’ll find the official explanation of this (and the difference between Top News and Most Recent) here.

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  • Sasha

    I have the same problem as the others above, I still only have Hide posts, not show posts!! Does anyone have a fix for this?!

  • Claudia

    I have the same problem with the newsfeed Edit Options. Only “Hide Posts”. I am so very frustrated because I have tried and tried to contact fb about this. I used to get all the posts from my pages and now they show up only once in awhile if at all! Any one know how to get a response from fb?

  • Birkan

    Can no one really help us !? I really dislike the fact that I see post only from a few of my friends …

  • wendy

    I only get “Hide Posts From” when trying to edit news feed settings. as anyone gotten an answer to this yet?

  • sally

    As the many above have stated I to can only get the ‘Hide Posts From’ in my edit settings on Facebook, it is very frustrating that I am only seeing posts from the same people and I would dearly like to keep in touch with all of my friends, Can someone PLEASE help.

  • http://www.facebook.com/NanoWisdoms Mohib

    I recently joined FB (about 2 weeks) and created a page and it’s been a royal pain trying to get my posts (all of them are notes) seen in any news feed — even my own! You suggest:

    “Go to the bottom of your News Feed and click on “Edit Options”. You will find the two choices there: recently interacted or all friends.”

    This drop down with the two options does not appear when I click on “Edit Options”. Only “Hide posts from” appears in the dialog box.

    I’m having 2 problems:

    1) Why do notes I post to my page’s wall, which I have “liked”, sometimes (usually) never show up in my own news feed? Sometimes they show up and disappear. I’ve not changed any settings on my news feed. Others are reporting the notes are not showing up in their news feeds also.

    2) When I make a post to another page, only I can see the post and no one else can.

    It seems like my posts — either on my own page or on other pages — don’t get visibility via newsfeeds of my fans or on other walls where I post. As a new FB user this all seems rather dumb. What’s the point of a “social media” site if no one can see your material because FB decides it’s not worth showing? Or are these bugs???

    Any suggestions on how to get my posts showing up in news feeds/walls would be much appreciated.

  • Linda

    Hi Barbara,
    I’m really not sure if this is even a place to ask, but my google searches are making me grasp at straws!
    I was cleaning up my wall on facebook, and had only the choice to ‘hide this’ or ‘hide all’ comments. So i hid all. PROBLEM: now I cannot undo this action , and do not have the edit option button at the bottom of my news feed either. Compounding things, for some reason when I post pictures for my friends and family to see, they do not get posted on the news feed, but only on my profile. So they are getting missed unless people actually go to my profile page. Here’s hoping you can solve my problems with facebook.

  • Lynne

    I am having the same problem – I only have “Hide Posts From” and can no longer select to see all news. Is there any way to fix this? I don’t want Facebook determining for me what’s “Top News” and what’s not.

  • http://www.barbarafeldman.com Barbara J. Feldman

    Thank you Linus! I was suspecting it was something like that!

  • Linus

    Apparently there is a “test group” that removed the recent posts options.

  • Barbara

    Just like Nancy, it’s not on mine either. It may have been before, I don’t remember. But since they changed some people’s news feeds, added the stupid ticker, etc., the option to “Show posts from” is no longer there.

  • Antony Pratap

    That’s a great tip! Makes it easier to see what we need.

  • Diana

    Im the same as Nancy, my only choice under Edit Options is “Hide Posts From”. I dont know what else to do! Please help!

  • Nancy

    My only choice under Edit Options is “Hide Posts From”. I can’t figure out what else to do. Everything I’ve read tells me the options you mention above are available, but they are not on mine. Can you help?

    • http://www.barbarafeldman.com Barbara J. Feldman

      Hi Nancy,

      The “Show Posts From” option should be RIGHT above “Hide Posts From”. I’ll post a screenshot, if that will be helpful.